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Duckbill Platypus – Rare Specie [EnviroMation]

The nature has decorated this land with beautiful and attractive species. Beside these, there are also some strange species on this planet. One of them is Duckbill Platypus. Duckbill Platypus is not only strange but also has an attractive look. Duckbill

Hydnora Africana – Rare Specie [EnviroMation]

Whenever you hear about plant, obviously a picture of lush green beautiful image comes to your mind.Here I am going to tell you about a plant which is not a beautiful and lush green. It doesn’t have an attractive look but

Hispid Hare – Rare Specie [EnviroMation]

Is Hispid hare is hare or rabbit? If someone ask this question from you, you will obviously think, what a foolish question he is asking from me. Well, Hispid Hare is not a hare, it is considered as specie of rabbit.

A Liger – Rare Animals [EnviroMation]

liger is the world biggest cat. His father is a lion and his mother is a tiger.That’s why it is called a Liger.Liger is huge because it expresses hybrid generation.Hybrid generation is a crossing of those two animals.It creates an animal

Okapi – Rare Animal Specie [EnviroMation]

By observing the elements of nature, we found a specie “Okapi” (which is now rare) on planet earth. Do you know how this animal looks like? At first sight, it looks like zebra. But it is not a Zebra. Look at