How To Reduce Air Pollution?

Questions such as how can we reduce air pollution?What is air pollution and its effects?are often searched by many.It is said that human can live two weeks without food, two days without water and only two minutes without clean air. Even breathing contaminated air also can make you sick. That is so small interval we can live without, that is why it is believed that air pollution is very hazardous amongst water, noise and soil.

What is air pollution and its effects?

Air pollution means mixing of particles, biological molecules or harmful materials into air causing health effects to human, Animals and trees.Air pollution is increasing exponentially in recent years because of increase in level of lifestyle. Major reasons are Spike number of vehicles, increase in high density population areas, increase in chemicals and manufacturing Industries, deforestation etc.

Air pollution can damage trees, plants, lakes and wildlife. It can not only damage historical buildings like Tajmahal but also reduce visibility for aviation.

To reduce air pollution first we must know about current air pollution and its limits. It can be learned by referring Air Quality Index which is nothing but indexing concentration of pollutants present in atmosphere.

To avoid air pollution if we can try to follow below mentioned tips to reduce it then it can certainly make difference. If we can start from ourselves then it won’t take much time to follow by everybody.

How to reduce air pollution at Home?

  • Most importantly don’t Smoke, especially if you have children. It can release harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • Turn off Light and any other appliances when not in use, because in generating energy fuel is used.
  • Always recycle plastic, paper, aluminium cans and bottles. It can save production air pollution by reducing new manufacturing.
  • Plant trees around your house or anywhere near if possible. It can help to clean air and reduce temperature.
  • Use low VOC paints while painting house.
  • Always choose energy efficient products/appliances to save energy.
  • Use LED bulb to save power.
  • Choose products which have less plastic packaging. As it will reduce demand of plastic
  • Always take canvas bag when going to shopping especially by walking not by vehicle
  • Use rechargeable batteries for regular devices
  • Do not burn any waste put it in dustbin or compost Because it won’t burn completely and increase air pollution
  • Install Solar panels if possible to reduce burden of electricity generation on fuels.
  • Run Washing machine and dishwashers only when full.
  • Use biogas for household cooking.
  • Let sunlight come into house and turn off light in daylight.

How to reduce air pollution from Vehicles?

  • Always go for fuel efficient and low pollutants vehicles. Zero emission electric car will be good option
  • Do not buy more than one car per house. Also consider type of vehicle while buying i.e. all-wheel drive, engine size, type of fuel, vehicle weight and size of tyres because these things affect fuel efficiency and invite more air pollution.
  • In summer avoid refilling you vehicles tanks in afternoon, go in morning or evening to avoid fuel evaporation
  • While stuck in traffic or in any line turn off your engine.
  • Wherever possible use public transport, share car or ride bicycle or bike. It can be good for your health as well. Using public transport you can read books or get social with other passengers. It will reduce stress as no one has to deal with rush hour traffic.
  • Check vehicle maintenance regularly tyre pressure and tune engine
  • Use good quality fuel so that it is burnt completely with less pollutants.
  • While driving accelerate gradually and reduce use of brakes. Drive smartly.

How to reduce air pollution from office?

  • Print photocopy on both the sides of a page. It will reduce demand of paper and deforestation rate can go down
  • Use teleconference instead of actually meeting people wherever possible

If we can follow at least three tips daily then we can help to reduce air pollution significantly. Let us save earth with clean air for future generations.

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