Signs Of Global Warming In Pakistan

Pakistan Global Warming

Rise in temperature or global warming is one of the main issues for environmentalists and meteorologists now a days. Main causes considering for this phenomenon is the deforestation, rapid urban growth and fast rate of industrialization for the sake of fulfillment of basic requirements of these growing populations. Pakistan is also facing same problems like other developing countries. Pakistan’s environment is under rapid changes since last century and approximately each and every field of it’s found under changing i.e. forest cover, urban lands, snow cover and water bodies.



According my research in Swat valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, province of Pakistan for last 19 years was also found very disastrous in this context. This shows a decrease in snow cover of 8.45% during last 19 years from 1992 to 2011. Study was carried through GIS and Remote Sensing by classification and analysis of land sat images and was checked for accuracy assessment and accuracy assessment results obtained was 72% a plausible figure for this type of research. Water bodies were also found reduced at 0.42%. This was due to the fact that main sources of water in Swat valley is snow cover and glaciers. Swat valley is famous for its tourism due to its natural beauty, dense forest cover and snowy mountains.



May reasons behind change in snow cover may be decline in Snow fall or rise in temperature. But here are most chances of changes in snow fall and rain fall. Because if change was due to high temperature so then water bodies may show increase but here water bodies were also found declined. Same situation is expected from other valleys and mountainous areas of Pakistan. And if this trend remained active at this rate for more years this will change whole scenario of country because snow cover is one of the main contributor of river’s flow and if rivers start drying our agriculture will definitely affecting and then we will moving towards heavy industrialization to fulfill our basic needs and problem will get more severe in terms of pollution, land clearing and rise in temperature.



Large scale researches are needed to address this global problem and to safeguard our economy as well as well our environment for future generation.Because if situation remains like this our future generation will never forgive us. At least morally this is their right that they should find their world from us as we got it from our ancestors we have no right to destroy this if we have can’t make it better.

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