4 Small Ways To Be More Green At The Office

Ways To Be Green At The Office

Many people think about being green while at home. It is also important to think about the environment while at the office. An office is often a place where work and efficiency take precedence over other ideas like being green. The truth is that even small steps can make a large difference over time. There are four small ways to be more green at the office.

Use the Printer Less

A small way to be more green in the office is to use the printer less. The paper in a printer consumes resources especially when it is not made from recycled stock. A greener idea is to try to read reports, updates or other documents online through the company intranet or through email. It is also helpful to try to minimize the amount of printing required for presentations or handouts. This will lower the amount of paper used in the office every month without interrupting the normal flow of business.

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Turn Everything Off

Excessive electricity use causes power plants to work harder to meet demand. This releases more particulates into the air and increases greenhouse gases. It also reduces air quality. A small way to be more green is to turn everything off at the end of the day or when leaving an area. This should include overhead lights, desk lamps and especially computers. Turning off large office machines like copiers at the end of the day will reduce the footprint of the business as well.

Refill Ink and Toner Cartridges

Disposable toner cartridges are showing up in landfills in large numbers. The cartridges are normally thrown away when they are empty. This consumes unnecessary resources. It can also contaminate landfills and the surrounding soil. A small way to be more green is to use a toner cartridge refill instead of simply throwing empty cartridges in the trash. The refills cost less than a new cartridge and function just as effectively.

Bring Cups and Utensils from Home

Break rooms in many offices are stocked with paper plates, plastic silverware and disposable cups. An easy way to be more green is to avoid using disposable plates and utensils. The plastic used in most of these products is made from oil that must be refined. The refining process causes pollution. A simple way to lower the need for oil refinement and plastic production is to bring in reusable cups, dishes and utensils from home. Reusable items will lower the amount of waste from the break room every day while also lowering the carbon footprint of the office.

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