5 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Building

If your building is consuming more energy than it provides, it’s probably time to reconsider your energy efficiency strategy. You won’t get any guidance from a competitive market that focuses on numerous property characteristics, including energy efficiency.

Commercial tenants in particular are seeking a building with a healthy, sustainable and brighter environment. Energy efficiency in buildings is becoming a major player in the success of a lease, so we thought we’d share a few ways for property owners to take full advantage of what’s on offer and become substantial promoters of energy efficiency.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Building

Justify Your Needs

The best place to start is to analyse how much energy you actually need, rather than focusing instantly on consumption reduction. Consider air conditioners and the regular climate in your area, or perhaps a high efficiency substitute.

Could you possibly have your building operate at 10 per cent of its potential? If you can keep your building running positively with very little energy, work your way up from here until you’re satisfied and this will contribute to a dramatic increase in savings. If there is an abundance of waste contributing to your energy bills, think about what you could do to reduce this rather than pushing it to the side.

Check the Condition of Your Building

It is constantly brought up during any discussion about energy efficiency and many property owners are tired of hearing it, but there are few aspects of energy saving that are more important than this one. Even the smallest cracks or gaps can create air infiltration which can gradually become worse as the years go on.

Make sure doors and windows are sealed tight and seal any cracks that you come across. You can use a building energy expert to provide infrared imagery that detects where heat is being lost if you’re still unaware of the origin of your growing energy bills. You might be surprised by how much heat you are losing, which is a good thing in the long haul.

Promote Natural lighting

Windows should be reasonably large and decluttered and rooms should be open-plan at best to encourage a wider and more spacious environment. Demolition and renovation work may be necessary to transform your office space but we can assure you that this will only benefit your energy efficiency goals in the long term.

As you improve the space plan, you’ll notice that windows become less cluttered with office equipment and natural light will start to flood in. A fresh coat of light-coloured paint will emphasise natural light even more and improve the atmosphere throughout the workplace.

Green & Pricy

Not all energy efficient building characteristics come cheap but if this is a serious project you may well be willing to part with some cash to turn your building into a representative of cleanliness, low cost, nature and energy efficiency.

Anything from shading devices to green roofing installations are ideal, with green roofs reducing surface temperature and improving the outdoor designs aspects of your building. Photovoltaics in the form of solar panels are gradually falling in price, so we encourage you to have these installed as well.

Build a Green Team

Energy efficiency can only be pushed so far by the ways in which we adjust our environment. The truth is that human behaviour contributes immensely to the energy efficiency of any building.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a team of energy efficiency promoters on hand to tell everyone in the workplace just how important it is to be greener and monitor every aspect of the buildings performance.

Article provided by BSE3D, an engineering and design specialist based in London, Sussex and Ireland focusing on energy efficiency.

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