5 Ways to Track your Weight-Loss Goals

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Managing your weight-loss goals might be hard sometimes especially when you are doing it alone. There comes a time where you don’t know where to start. Sometimes it makes you think twice if you are motivated enough to start. What comes first and what will be the next step? There are a lot of questions popping up in your head. Setting up plans and goals for your weight loss is indeed very important for the overall success. A plan without goals is just a wish. The weight-loss plan will definitely be your guide in your new journey and everyday lifestyle. There are more ways to track your weight-loss goals. But here are the five most important things to do.

1. Make a Complete Plan: Weight-Loss Goals

It is very important to make a plan for tracking your weight loss. Set a goal that you want to achieve; give your self a deadline. A decision in changing your lifestyle demands a strong motivation. Remember that all success requires sacrifice. The first step to a good plan is deciding what you are willing to give up. Make a list of do’s and don’ts. From food to exercise plan, everything must be as detailed as possible. Take time to create and build your plan then make a commitment doing it. Keep in mind that a single plan might not work for everyone. You must be open in trying and experimenting different weight-loss plans. Keep trying until you find the plan that’s perfectly fit for you.  It is better to always have plan B or plan C in advance just in case plan A will not turn out well. If your plan is not working, then change it. But never change your goals.

2. Always have time in preparing your food

            The food you are eating plays a huge role in your weight loss plan. It is very important to have at least 3-meal plan every day. Having a time preparing your own food is more advisable so you can control what to eat and what not to eat. Green leafy vegetables and fruit salads are better than having junk food or large carb salads. It is better to consult and find a trainer so you will be strictly guided throughout your goals. Make a list of the food containing vitamins and minerals that you need every day. It is recommended to take an Organic Whey Protein every day. Whey Protein will help you lose weight and gain muscles. There are different types of Whey protein that you can choose from. It depends on what you are planning to highlight in your weight loss plan. You can also mix it with fruits to make a whey protein shake. Aside from it taste good, and easy to make, it is also packed with great nutrients that you need. Whey Protein is advisable to take before or after a workout. The most important thing to remember is: Don’t let yourself get hungry.

3. Keep track of your Progress: Have a journal

            Seeing the before and after of your body makes you feel very happy and full of confidence. It is essential to keep track of your progress day by day. It is not by simply writing down all the things you do. You must also write down the food you take and exercises you did as detailed as possible. Pay attention to your weight and sizes. Don’t rush things but instead make it slowly but surely. Remember that you will not lose weight overnight or just in a week. It is a matter of hard work, motivation, and commitment. It is better if you can take pictures of your weekly progress. Even though it’s just a little detail of improvement, it matters. That is the result of your hard work and discipline. Each time you see the improvements and changes, you get more motivated day by day. Time will fly so fast, and you will not know you have already achieved your goal.

4. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Reward yourself

Think positive at all times. Avoid stressing yourself or doing something that might result to regrets later on. Stress might lead to breaking your diet plan which you might regret in future. But don’t push yourself too hard, that will not help you at all. Have a free schedule in a week that you will call “cheat day” in which you can eat your favorites, but still in control. Having a taste of a little sweet is not bad at all. Think of it as a reward for yourself; for coming this far Also, don’t forget to always reward yourself upon seeing the improvement and progress of your journey; even how little it is. Treat yourself to something or somewhere that will make you happy. Take everything slowly and in step by step process. Remember that there is no shortcut for this, it’s purely hard work. Reading positivity and motivation quotes might help you to your journey. Things will get hard but don’t give up; not now.

5. Maintain the Lifestyle: Exercise regularly

            One of the keys to achieving your weight-loss goal is maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Having enough sleep and rest will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Even though how busy you are, take time to exercise every day at least 30 minutes -1 hour. Maintain your healthy food intake and of course, your whey protein too. Keep following your plan or better upgrade it. Once you’ve achieved your body goals, maintain it and don’t be too cool just because you already have it. Do the same thing every day, just like what you are doing before. It is so nice achieving your goals, it makes you feel superior and full of confidence.


Before starting to track your weight loss goals, you must be ready change your mindset and sacrifice. Setting limitations, plans, and disciplines are the most important aspects throughout the process. If ever your plan didn’t work out, don’t lose hope and try another plan. The journey to your goal might be hard, but always remember to keep moving forward.

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