Can a Taxi Company be Green?

green taxi

The biggest challenge of the automotive industry is its ability to produce vehicles that are environmentally friendly.  With several car manufacturers rooting for a global title, few stand out from the rest.  These companies are the ones who decided to take a leap in their standard journey.  As they join the revolution of a clean, healthy environment for everyone, electric vehicles surface.

The promotion of EVs is set to reach its all-time high to reap massive benefits. With the advancement of technology, its practical use ensures a win-win situation in all aspects.

The Race for EVs Is Getting Tougher And Better

Taxi companies serve as the front runner in boosting the rampage of electric vehicles and Nissan leads the pack of auto industries.  It is noteworthy that the Japanese automobile manufacturer is the prime choice of taxis with its all-electric fleets of Leaf.  Amid the success of Tesla with over 100 Model S units at Schipol Airport and its next gen Model 3 to be unveiled soon and Chevy Bolt joining the EV race, Nissan Leaf proves to dominate the list. Interestingly, 26 countries and 113 cities around the world are using Nissan electric taxis.

Benefits Of Green Taxis

Global warming becoming an international threat gave birth to green taxis that adopt zero-emission.  Not only do they beat heavy traffic on the streets, their crucial role in the environment brings huge benefits.  One good example is the vow made by the United Kingdom’s government in producing low-emissions areas in London by 2020.  Another advantage of utilizing electric vehicles is the reality of cost-effectiveness.  As opposed to cars run by gasoline, operating an electric car will save a lot of money.  The latter uses electric motor while the former is operated by gas which price inevitably rises from time to time. Moreover, electric taxis provide a comfortable and convenient journey to the drivers and passengers as these vehicles are quiet and safe to drive.   These upsides attract more buyers to have a better daily life among their families and their environment.

Greenr Taxi Company In Malta

Malta’s very first full electric taxi company is courtesy of Greenr. The company’s mission is thrilling as it protects the health of Malta’s residents by creating a gas and pollution-free environment.  The balance in the ecological system is inspiring as bringing satisfaction to the passengers.  Equipped with a phone charger and speedy internet access, long distance trips are ensured to be relaxing.  Aside from these thrilling features, passengers can expect professional drivers to bring them to their destination with ease and protection.  Indeed, these local services are friendly to the community.  It further promotes tourism and a healthy lifestyle.

Other Countries Adopt Electric Taxi’s Services

It is great to know that more countries bring the products and services of EVs to their people.  This is a proof that green living is swinging with beauty and grandeur.  Early this month, India launched its first electric taxi to bolster an eco-friendly type of transportation.  Mexico follows the trend as its new electric taxi is currently in the works and will be released this year.  Both countries aim to combat air pollution and to produce a green environment to their people.

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