Going Green: Five Benefits to Solar Energy in your Home

benefits of solar energy

Public and private sector companies are exploring green energy options primarily to save money, conserve natural resources, and preserve the quality of life for those living on planet Earth. They have a lot of resources for research and development of alternative energy products. Much of the technology developed is scaled down for use in the consumer market. That is the case with solar electric energy products. Solar power is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy used today by businesses and consumers. As solar energy product technology becomes more mature, market prices for the products are often reduced making the technology possible for the average consumer. Five benefits for using solar energy at home include cost saving, utility credits, tax benefits, environmental responsibility, and a measure of independence from electric company energy monopoly.


#1 Cost Savings

The number one reason people choose to use solar electric energy in their homes is because of the long-term cost savings. For people whose homes are in areas that receive consistently good levels of sunshine and are not well shaded infinite energy solar power is a viable option. People who choose to use solar electric energy must realize that the cost savings are expected over the long-term. The initial monetary outlay is substantial and includes solar electric design and installation services, solar panels, and associated materials. Over years of use, the equipment used to collect, store, and distribute solar electric energy pays for itself.


#2 Utility Credits


People who utilize solar electric energy to power often enjoy the key benefit of “net metering.” Net metering happens when a home equipped to capture and produce solar electric energy makes more energy than it needs. Since the home is connected to the grid, the extra energy is sent back into the grid causing the home’s electric meter to run backward. Agreements made with the utility companies allow home owners to sell the energy produced back to the power company for energy credits or payment. It is a beneficial situation for all involved because utility companies sometimes experience blackout periods when demand exceeds supply; extra energy is a bonus for them during these peak periods. The utility companies also have more advanced ways of storing the energy produced.


#3 Tax Benefits

The government realizes that the United States has become extremely dependent on electricity; it has the highest consumption of electricity in the world. To meet energy demands responsibly, all levels of government provide incentives to businesses and consumers who use clean energy alternatives. Just take a look at any standard 1040 form and you will see. More specifically, solar power rebates and tax credits are given to home owners that install solar electric products on their property.


#4 Environmental Responsibility

Keeping the planet clean and livable is a high priority for most people. Solar electric energy products provide a safe, sustainable form of energy for home use. The use of solar electric power eliminates the potential radiation disasters associated with nuclear energy reactors like the one in Fukushima and toxic emissions related to coal energy sources.


#5 Energy Independence

Even though most people who use solar electric power are still connected to the grid, producing one’s own energy offers a certain level of freedom from the energy monopoly of the big power companies. Since the utility companies have a firm monopoly on power, they may raise prices or change terms of service to suit their desires. Supporting alternative energy businesses that develop and install solar electric products, contributes in a small way to the further development of independent sources of power.

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