How Double Glazing Windows Can Improve Home Security

Double Glazing Windows

Feeling safe in your own home is imperative. Many homeowners are security-conscious to ensure that their house is safe from intrusion, and choose to install burglar alarms, CCTV and other security measures. There are, however, certain existing features of your property that can leave your home vulnerable to many risks, including burglary.

Many people don’t realise that their windows can in fact leave them exposed. Traditional single-glazed windows and timber window frames can, unfortunately, provide easy access for intruders. To improve your home security easily and effectively, you should first make sure that your home has double glazing.

Double Glazing Windows
Double Glazing Windows

Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre – double glazing specialists in Glasgow – says that “although double glazing requires an initial investment, their security benefits are priceless. People want nothing more than to feel safe in their homes and with a large number of modern security features, double glazing windows can offer them exactly that”.

Here are 6 ways that double glazing can improve the security of your home.

Double Glazing Windows Are Not Subject To Decomposition

Traditional timber window frames naturally decompose over time. Window frames that were once fit for purpose can quickly become rotten, splintered or warped, making them much easily to break and damage. Double glazing windows are supplied with durable UPVC window frames which are built to last, and are not subject to natural decomposition.

Double Glazing Windows Have Multiple Locking Mechanisms

UPVC double glazing windows feature multi-point locking systems, which make them almost impossible to force open. Windows with traditional cockspur handles are, unfortunately, much easier to force open. Modern double glazing windows come complete with locks and keys for additional security.

Double Glazing Is Made Up Of TWO Windowpanes

The additional windowpane that forms double glazing increase security in itself. Single glazing is easily broken with little force, whereas doubling-up on the glass used in your new windows provides an additional safety shield for your home.

Double Glazing Is Complete With Durable Frames

Unlike timber frames, UPVC window frames easily and effectively withstand natural elements. Requiring no painting or treatment over time, UPVC double glazing window frames are sturdy, safe and built to last. Damage is rare, and frames are almost impossible to break once in situ.

Double Glazing Has A Longer Lifespan

Thanks to their durable, low maintenance properties, UPVC double glazing windows are much longer lasting than traditional window styles. With an expected lifespan of over twenty years, double glazing is a long-term solution to improved home security.

Double Glazing Is Difficult to Damage

Unlike single glazing, double glazing and the UPVC frame itself is difficult to damage. Materials used are much more robust, and cannot be cut, smashed or broken as easily as old-fashioned windows. As a result, you’re home is nowhere near as vulnerable to risk as it may have been ten years ago.

Interesting? We Think So!

Double glazing windows offer homeowners a wide range of benefits, but many people are still unaware of just how much the security of their home is improved as a result. If you have timber window frames or single glazing, it would be a good idea to speak to a double glazing specialist to arrange installation of new windows to ensure that you can feel safe and comfortable in your home.

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