How to make your parking lot greener

green parking lot

Increasing green areas within cities and major towns is highly important and should be wholly embraced. This is because of the overall health benefits that can be gained by the environment, nature, and human morale and the reduction of stress levels. It can also be reasonably easy to initiate with a few simple tricks.

1. Plant grass and flowers

Installing large planters around your parking lot or creating some green spaces will in itself improve the overall look of the area. In addition to this, planting some flowering plants and shrubs will increase the likelihood of your new green areas being visited by pollinators such as bumblebees, butterflies, and birds. This, in turn, will help the environment and make the area seem like a nice and relaxing place to be for your workers and your visitors alike.

2. Recycle stormwater

Collecting and recycling stormwater is another easy option that you can bring into your parking lot. Collected rainwater can be used to water plants and green areas when rainwater is scarce. It can also be used to rinse car windshields, headlights, and number plates to keep them safe, clear, and easy to read. Although stormwater isn’t drinkable, it can also be used for other handy tasks.

3. Install electric charging points

You can encourage your parking lot users to have electric vehicles by installing some electric charging points throughout your parking lot. These spaces will seem like a premium to your employees and shouldn’t be an addition at the cost of designated parking for those who don’t have an electric car.

However, in order to keep these areas strictly for those with electric cars, you’ll probably need to use some road barriers to cordon off the areas. These barriers can again make use of your recycled stormwater as some of them can be filled with water to make them heavy and more of a permanent fixture.

4. Use a green concrete option for your parking lot

Most parking lots are made from either tarmac or concrete. Both of these substances are hard and stop the earth beneath from absorbing from any water. However, they can also increase the likelihood of toxic runoff, which can affect water supplies in a very negative fashion. However, by using pervious concrete for your parking lot, you may find that the water is able to penetrate the earth underneath and can also help with the absorption of heat, making it a far better and greener option than the traditional substances.

So, to wrap it all up

Making your parking lot green has never been so easy. Planting green areas that include flowers, even if it’s just a few pots, can make a huge difference to the way an area looks. Recycling stormwater will help your maintenance crew take care of the green areas and ensure that they survive. Installing electric car charging bays may encourage your employees to invest in this valuable technology which can help reduce pollution levels while applying the right type of concrete can help maintain the quality of the earth under your parking lot and support any life that happens to be living there.

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