How To Measure Calcium in Water?And Its Side Effects

measure calcium in water

Did you ever wanted to measure the level of calcium in your drinking or tap water?If no then its time to learn how to measure the calcium level in your water i will elaborate you the easiest way to check the level of calcium.As Atomic rate of Calcium is 40 pp, or mg/l , so we have to note down its atomic rate so that we wont forget it. Shake your sample and use auto pipette to take sample and other chemicals.


Wash the auto pipette with de-ionized water and take a 40 ml beaker( because of the sample size) add 10 ml of your sample and 10 ml of de-ionized water now add 1 Molar Sodium Hydroxide to increase pH between 12 to 14 (o.5 ml in sample).


Now An indicator called Muric Acid add a pinch amount of it into the sample, sample initial color will be pink  shake the beaker enough so that the indicator can be mixed well.


Now We will titrate this sample against EDTA (Ethalyn Diamyn Tetra Acetic Acid) and add drop by drop of the EDTA into the sample unless the sample color turns into purple that will be the end point of sample, note the amount of EDTA consumed in titration and multiply it by 40 as 40 is the atomic number of calcium the result after multiplying will be the final amount of calcium in your water that is measured in ppm or mg/l.


As the permissible limits (safe limit) of calcium in water by PSQCA,2008 there is no guideline values are set to compare against it as after the final calculations if there is more calcium your result will be in three figures that will determine that there is increase level of calcium in that water.


As far as the effects of calcium on human body is : Calcium can interfere with thyroid hormone replacement treatment. Separate calcium and thyroid medications by at least 4 hours.


Some recent research also says that doses over the recommended daily requirement of 1000-1300 mg daily for most adults might increase the chance of heart attack. This research is concerning, but it is still too hurry to say for instance that calcium is truly the cause of heart attack.

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