Important Reasons to Recycle

reasons to recycle

Though initially recycle was not everyone’s cup of tea, now it has become quite a mainstream. Even 5 short years ago, I still remember, none of my neighbor was interested into this. For most of them it was a complete waste of time and too much of a hassle. In fact it was more of an ideal concept than something which can be practically executed. However, I made an effort to recycle during those initial years and still remember bagging up the aluminum cans and carrying them to the local scrap metal dealer (almost 20 mile away, though). Well, I managed to make it a monthly habit for me and my family as well and tried to recycle anything and everything possible in front of our eyes including wire recycling, cardboards etc.

However, today the scenario has changed; people are lot more concerned for the environment and convinced about the extreme need of recycling. There are many communities that arrange recycle programs to encourage people to recycle their plastic, paper, glass and aluminum refuse. In fact many business owners find it to be a profitable means of money making. And, these in a way help to make recycle a mainstream activity. So what is the matter with you? Are you among those, who consider recycling to be one of the major social duties? Or do you belong to those groups of people who are not so convinced about the benefits of recycling even now? If you are from the second group, then, here, I have discussed some of the top reasons to recycle; take a quick look – may this help you to shift to the first group of people!

  • Recycle helps you to rely less on mining – Well, mining is one of the most dangerous practices to which men are exposed to from the very past. Apart from causing death to a huge number of labors, it destroys the environment, causes hazardous diseases and to delve deeper, leads to international conflicts and wars. Well, though it’s true that mining is a necessary evil, we can easily avoid this dangerous practice by recycling our everyday resources. Since recycling preserves natural resources to a great extent, it reduces the requirement to mine the raw materials to a large extent.
  • Recycling promotes economic growth to a great extent – Mainly there are two ways through which recycling helps the economy. Firstly many business or commoners can save their money by purchasing recycled material as well as recycling their own goods. Once the expenditure for the capital is reduced business owners can invest more to hire the workers. Secondly, recycle creates lots of job opportunities.
  • We need to save the trees – Well, I am not going to repeat all those benefits of trees to which we were introduces in our schools only. Yes, it is known to all of us that we need paper – for writing, making cardboards, packaging etc. The amount of paper that has been used every year could save almost million tons of woods, if recycled. Since paper can’t be recycled more than 5-7 times as the fiber gets weak after that, it’s not possible to stop using trees completely. But still recycling would help to save a significant number of trees always.


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