How Travelling is affecting our Relationships and Sex Lives

Numerous studies and surveys confirm that the level of happiness of people who travel regularly is much higher than those who limit themselves when it comes to having rest.

Joint travel is not only a way to get new and vivid impressions and emotions but also an opportunity to improve relationships in a couple. American researchers from the American Tourist Association came to the conclusion that such trips make people happier.

As the survey showed, those couples, who travel regularly together, understand each other better. Therefore, they have a higher level of trust in a couple. Besides, joint trips positively affect the amount of sex you have. In particular, according to the researchers, couples who travel together, have sex more often than those who do not spend their vacations together.

Besides, psychologists are sure that joint trips are the perfect way to test how compatible people are. In particular, American psychologists are convinced that during the journey a person leaves the comfort zone and demonstrates one’s personal features more than in a familiar home environment.

By the way, as recent studies have shown, marriage also has a positive effect. It influences the law-abiding level of citizens positively. According to a researcher, where seven thousand volunteers in the age of fifteen and twenty were analyzed, people are less likely to violate the law after they get married. However, apparently, many decide to change for the better even before the wedding.

Experts came to the conclusion that young men and women, who planned to marry and thought about starting a family in the next five years, committed fewer offenses during the next year compared to those who did not think about the wedding. So, apparently, marriage still occupies an important place in people’s lives, as well as the joint trips.

Now, the most interesting part! Trips may be different, and the harder it is, the bigger test it is for the couple. For example, a camping trip may become a harsh test for your couple both physically and mentally.

  • Unpleasant changes:

Severe conditions make all the snakes get out of the head and let all the well-concealed stupid features of a person’s character show up. To tell the truth, it may be a really harsh 0065perience for those how do not know each other well enough or for those who are not ready to such unexpected things to reveal about their partner. This is how it happens: you live with a beloved, who seemed to be warm and fuzzy, and suddenly he reveals his other side, which appears to be not really fuzzy, but prickly and some mean. Well, from now on it is totally up to you, whether to perceive the new sides of each other and help each other develop in a positive direction, or not. Of course, it is still important that a person can realize that the snakes are free and something should be done about it so that the partner changes for the better.

  • Pleasant changes:

You have the opportunity to see the true face of your partner, so to speak, and play an unimportant role in his life, helping him cope with his not entirely positive features. If both in your couple realize that in order to achieve mutual happiness, you should work hard together, you will take this path enthusiastically and help each other get rid of all shortcomings. If people want to get a ready-made knight in shining armor, a finished product so to speak, then their relationship may not withstand the trials of a camping trip. However, perhaps, this is for the better and it was not meant to be.

Again, the experienced difficulties bring partners together and make them feel closer. Traveling to another country is a bit simpler, although the pattern is the same. It is a grand process not only with shared responsibilities (for example, you plan a route and look for a road, and I communicate with locals) but also shared emotions and impressions. Besides, this is a whole range of different life situations, where a person can act unusually, show unexpected features and skills, and make you either even more attached or freak you out. Have a nice trip!

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