4 Different Types of Home Security Systems

In this time and age, when incidents of thefts and robberies are so common, it is quite natural and common to feel restless and uneasy at your OWN HOME. And what’s the point of living in tension in our own homes?

So what if I tell you that houses with security systems are 300 percent less likely to be robbed? If you started reading the article with a confused state of mind in regards to buying a home security system, I’m positive you’ll be convinced by the above statistic.

And you should be. Buying a home security system is not a choice any more, in today’s world. It’s an essential part of your house.

Just having a security system installed in your house means you can sleep easy, without any restlessness about the safety of your house. You’ll feel more at peace before bed, and more confident before leaving for office.

But if you’ve tried to browse the market for security systems, you know how quickly it becomes complicated and overwhelming. But fear not, for you are at the right place. Allow me to make your life simpler by categorising the major types of security systems. Just read on.

1. Unmonitored Security System

Now you may be wondering, what’s the point of a security system if it can’t be monitored?

Well, that’s not what it means.

What it means is that there is no monitoring system which is notified (so that they can dispatch any subsequent help) when your system is tripped. And that is why these are also called as local security systems.

What happens is that when your system gets tripped, an alarm (which can be audio or visual, as per your preference) is triggered near the system. So, it requires that either someone in your home or near your home is present to notify the appropriate authorities.

Now, these are cheaper than most of the other options. But they don’t provide the level of security that monitored systems provide. For all you know, even if your alarm alerts arrive directly on your phone, you might not receive it in the first place because of bad reception, or perhaps you aren’t available to attend to it.

Why you should purchase it:

Their main advantage is its cost. You can purchase unmonitored systems easily under $100 from your departmental stores or online retailers. Also, they are pretty easy to install, you just have to place them in the appropriate places according to given directions.

Why you shouldn’t purchase it:

Because there’s no monitoring, it doesn’t provide the necessary level of security required. It’s also relatively easy to disable these systems. Unless you’re on a short budget and want a cheap security system for a temporary period, don’t go for it.

2. Monitored Security Systems

The monitored security systems are basically an upgraded version of local security systems, as they also notify the monitoring centre (like what a panic button does) apart from informing you.

So, whenever any emergency situation arises in your apartment, be it fire, or a break-in, or any other emergency, the home security company professionals are alerted, and in some cases, the emergency responders are also alerted.

Some of the features which come with monitored systems are: keypads/keychains for alarm system control, motion sensors, glass break detectors, door and window contacts to keep intruders away, continuous, uninterrupted power supply, control panels etc.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about your house when you’re away, whether in your office, or on a vacation. But they might put a dent in your wallet.

Why you should purchase it:

For absolute peace of mind. Knowing that a professional would be alerted as soon as an emergency situation arises, is such a comforting thought to have. Plus, the company which provides you the system would, more often than not, provide free installation and provide security equipment for no cost.

Why you should not purchase it:

The pricing. After all, someone is monitoring your house for you, and it is obvious that you’ll have to pay for that. Even the most affordable of prices for monitored systems are much more than prices for unmonitored systems.

3. Wired Security Systems

These are quite basic systems which have been in usage for many years now. Also called the basic burglar alarm, this system uses a wire circuit of low voltage which runs through every entry point of the house. If any cameras are included in the system, they are wired too.

When the doors or windows are closed, the circuit keeps flowing. As soon as one of them is opened, the circuit gets disrupted and the alarm is triggered. And in case it is a monitored system, the monitoring company is alerted too.

Why you should purchase it:

They are a notch above the local security systems. And because of the wires used, they don’t require any batteries to be used. Plus, they’re available at a lower price than the wireless security systems.

Why you should not purchase it:

The biggest drawback of a wired security system is its installation process. Unless you live in a home which is already set up for wiring, to accommodate the system, you have to drill holes throughout the house. And while it’s possible to install it on your own, more often than not, professional help is required. Also, if you decide to change your current home, it’s very difficult to shift the security system. It’s possible, but very complicated.

4. Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are exactly similar to wired security systems, except that there are no wires involved here. These systems consist of a series of sensors (which are connected with built-in transmitters working at radio wave frequency) and a control panel. In case any cameras are included, they are connected wirelessly too.

As soon as the alarm is triggered, the control panel receives a signal and the alarm is activated. And in case if it’s a monitored system, the company which is monitoring gets an alert too.

Why you should purchase it:

Because of its convenience. And perhaps why, it is gaining popularity with time. The installation process is very easy, and can be done individually, even by those who lack any technical skills. They are very easy to shift, meaning you can simply pack them up, and install them at your new place again.

Why you should not purchase it:

The pricing. These systems, naturally, cost more than the wired systems. Also, since these systems work on batteries, you have to make sure to replace the batteries at the appropriate time. But considering that the batteries used are of high quality, they need to be changed only once every few years.


So, by now, I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a basic idea about how different security systems are available in the market. And perhaps, you’ve decided by now exactly which type of security system you want to purchase. In case you’re still confused, just keep in mind to prioritise a monitored system first, and then a wireless system, depending upon your budget.

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