Four Landscaping Issues and Solutions

Landscaping Issues and Solutions

There are a multitude of issues that you can run into when you’re landscaping. When motivation to take care of your yard is already low, running into an issue might cause you to give up. So before you go out to work on your yard, make sure you know the solutions to the most common problems that you might and most likely will run into at some point if you are maintaining a yard for an extended period of time.

The four most common problems are grass that is yellowing and losing its color, weeds, dying plants and lack of landscape design.

But fear not! The solutions to these problems are fairly simple, and don’t require too much planning as long as you have a little foresight that these problems are going to occur. Here are some tips to solve these problems, should you run into them.

Landscaping Issues and Solutions

1.    What to do when your grass is yellowing and losing its color:

Regular irrigation and fertilization in the spring will help this problem. Irrigation helps the grass because it creates opportunities for the water to get closer to the roots and creates pathways for the water to stay in the ground longer. Fertilization helps replace nutrients that may have been used up in the soil that your grass is growing in.

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There are two different types of fertilizer: liquid and granular. Granular fertilizers are easier to control, but liquid acts faster. You just need to choose the method that best suits the needs of your lawn. Irrigation and fertilization both will help the grass maintain its water better throughout the summer. It will help grass stay healthy so it won’t lose its color and yellow.

2.    How to maintain weeds:

The most common method of maintaining weeds is to manually get on your hands and knees and pull them. This method allows you to really get the weeds that have invaded your garden.

Another method is to apply a chemical weed protective. To apply a chemical protective, the most important tip to remember is to read the directions for the particular product that you are using before you use it. If it requires that you wear protection, make sure you do it. Some chemicals can really be damaging to your skin and eyes if you don’t wear the appropriate protective gear.

3.    How to prevent your plants from dying:

No method is fool proof to prevent your plants from dying, but there are some things you can do to better the odds. Regular irrigation, especially during the hot and dry periods will help give your plants a better chance at surviving.

4.    How to plan a landscape:

There are some steps you should take when planning a landscape design. First you need to consult with the owner of the lawn to get their requirements. Next you need to create a plan. You also need to remember to keep the owner involved with the plan so you can work with them to create their ideal design. It is important to approve the plan before you start, so you don’t do work that you will have to go back and change later.

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