How to get rid of outdated, unwanted electronics?

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Getting rid of electronics, such as old computers, TVs, mobile phones might seem tricky. But, there are many options for disposal. Most of the old electronics are still valuable, and you can either donate them, recycle them, or sell them. But, if you want to make some money out of selling them, the younger, the better. When machines become middle-aged, they can be donated, but ancient ones are best to be recycled.

Electronics contain toxins such as mercury, lead, etc. and thus, they must be disposed of with caution. Blacktown scrap metal yardsmake sure that they abide by the local policies and tale necessary precautions while recycling the electronic good. But, before you get rid of the products, you must follow some security guidelines.

First, remove all your personal files – for mobiles and computers wipe off the hard drive completely. Additionally, if any electronic items contain rechargeable batteries remove them before discarding the object. Know everyone of us know how to dismantle electronics, so in that case, we must take the help of technicians.

Three methods of getting rid of outdated and unwanted electronics

Recycle them

Recycling electricals help preserve the materials and protect the environment the hazardous substances. Some of the methods of recycling are:

  • Scrap metal yards: There are various scrap metal collection in Sydney yards which collect electronic good and recycle them.
  • Trade back: Sometimes, manufacturers or retailers offer a discount on new products for a trade-in of old models. Contact your specific manufacturer and check with them for such trade-in options.
  • E-waste Collection events: Local municipalities at times host events to facilitate residents who want to get rid of electronic appliances, responsibly. Check with your city’s services department and see if any such event is being hosted near you. Get the specifications from them and drop off your electronic goods for recycling.  
  • E-waste recycling drop-off points: As part of the Australian Government’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, there are drop off locations for electronic goods such as TV, computers and their parts, and printers. There are also options for recycling mobile phones and their accessories.
  • Reuse: Another way of recycling reusing the product. Instead of throwing it in the bins, contact local stores, and they might help you to repair the same or upgrade it with some new technologies, which you might not be aware of.

Sell them

At times we stop using a certain electronics because they become outdated for us or we want to purchase a new model. But, if the product is still valuable, why hoard it and not sell it off?  There are many online sites where you sell a theme. Some of them Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay – you can list your items here and let others bid. Mention all the details like model, make, year of purchase, if covered under guarantee, if there’s any problem with it and what precisely the issue is. Clear listing of specifications give a better idea about your products, and you will have less hassle selling it off.

It’s also a sort of recycling as it also prevents landfills and gets the products reused.

Donate them

If your electronic is still functional, and do not require any significant repairs, you can donate it to charitable institutes.

Look out for schools, libraries and assisted living homes which frequently accept used computers and electronic items. Then there are NGOs for domestic violence and homeless kids who often take cellphones, televisions, and computers.

In case you to get rid of a functional cellphone, or TV, contact these centers. Something which might not be outdated to you might turn out to be of value to someone else who needs it.


Many renowned companies like Apple, Staples, HP, Amazon, and Best Buy run schemes to encourage people to be part of recycling programs. They offer buyback options, gift cards, and other lucrative discounts, which benefits the users in multiple ways.

So, before throwing it, try to find out options which will benefit not only the nature but also the society as a whole.

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