PAKISTAN: A Heaven for Adventure and Cultural Holidays

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Pakistan emerged on the world map on August 14, 1947 located in the hub of the South Asian sub-continent a home of rich historical and cultural heritage. The great Indus Valley Civilization in the pre-historic era, the center of old empires, religions and cultures having rich and over 2500 years old history. Strategically being located at the junction, it connects Southeast Asia with Middle East and Iran in the West with accessibility to the landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics. This land has been a witness to the history and civilization changes with immense impacts on its people as well as their language and culture.

Pakistan is situated between 24 and 37 degrees Latitudes and between 61 and 75.5 degrees Longitude. China in the North, Afghanistan and Iran in the West and India in the east are the surrounding countries. Arabian Sea lying in its south having a coastline of 1000 kms length with fascinating beaches. Pakistan is connected with China over land by Karakoram Highway along the famous Silk Route. It is also linked with India by air, train and road. Afghanistan and Iran have air and road links with Pakistan.

Pakistan is blessed by nature with rare landscape, the towering mountains, plateau, plains, deserts and the attractive sunny beaches. More than half of area is mountainous, especially north and north western parts have hundreds of mountains over 6000 meters altitude. Impressive remains of continents in collision, fifty million years ago, an extremely large island bumped into the mainland Asia to bring into existence the South Asian Subcontinent and let the Himalayas tower skyward. Huge and mighty ranges like Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush meet here. Valleys of unique beauty and crystal clear lakes with blue water enrich the land of exceptional beauty. Murmuring streams and springs and roaring rivers, most prominent the lion river “mighty Indus”.

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