Thai Agriculture Reflecting On Being A Leading Rice Exporter and Animal Feed Manufacturer

Rice is at the core of the economy, culture, and politics in Thailand. This is observed for almost a millennium already. It thereby reflects sustainability in the natural environment. This is true concerning the origin of Thai agriculture and rice production. That involves the ever-growing populations of southern China.

With other sectors in the agricultural industry and rice consumption growing, rice continues to become more dominant in the agricultural industry. Thailand has so far been a leading rice exporter of the world.

The best thing about Thai rice is its quality. That includes jasmine rice, Thai fragrant, and white rice. The Central Region is continuously remaining as the biggest rice producer for the export and domestic markets.

Northeast Region Jasmine High Profitability

The Northeast Region of Thailand is having higher profitability in regard to jasmine rice. The RD6 glutinous variety also allowed the onset of commercialization in the Northeast. This started dating back in the 1980s. This also lifted many different rural households from poverty. There indeed has been the commercialization of rice farming. This is considering the country’s marketing, production, and policy dimensions.

Thailand Ranking as 6th Biggest Rice Producer

Rice is as mentioned to be at the core of the economy, culture, & politics of Thailand. It also ranked as the 6th biggest rice producer next to China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. The rice of Thailand is dominant in the agricultural economy reflecting the suitability of the natural environment towards rice production. Plus, Thai agriculture historically originates in the migration of the growing populations from southern China.

Almost two-thirds of the populations in Thailand are living in the production of rice. A specific percentage is involved in transporting, milling, and rice trading. This took place between 1950 & 1960. With the growth of other livestock and crop industries in the past few years, rice still remains as dominant in the agricultural industry. It accounted for about fifty-one percent of the cultivated area. It also contributed to about 15 percent of the agricultural GDP.

Rice is not only an essential food crop but is a major export. Thailand is a major rice exporter following global trade in 1850. Rice exports also increased between 1870 & 1905. The rice virtually comes from the Chao Phraya Basin. This is known for its canal system and fertile soil developed.

The rice exports continued again during the postwar era. Rice totaled to forty-three percent of the total revenues in the export and the taxes of rice export. These contributed to about eleven percent of the rice export taxes and government revenues.

Thailand stood still during the post-war era as the biggest rice exporter. Thai rice has so far been renowned for its quality, Thai fragrant, jasmine rice, and traditional white rice.

Thailand as An Animal Feed Manufacturer

For those who have been connected with the livestock industry in Thailand, the country truly is an animal feed manufacturer. Companies have a fair and substantial market share. Companies are also expanding here to build more profits prioritizing the manufacture of animal feed.

Indeed, Thailand is both a leading rice exporter and an animal feed manufacturer!

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