World water day; developing world needs water not celebrations

More than half of the world’s population is just celebrating the world water day like other events celebration for having fun with friends and to meet new people and friends at congregations heedlessly of the fact that the water they use for daily bath is actually the volume of water offered for drinking to someone for the period of entire month with no choice at developing world. Being a common we have no problem in availing water at any time of day when we prerequisite to water our plants, to take shower or to wash our car but on other hand the same water became available to people after walking miles to fetch, especially children and women are the most responsible ones for water collection and are spending estimated 200 million hours each day, globally.

Almost 800 million people have no access to safe drinking water on daily basis alike to more than two and half times of population of the United States.

Almost 3 ½ deaths occurred each year because of water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases. 99% of them are from developing countries and is equal to the population of Los Angles city; means each year one Los Angles is wiping out from earth.

Each 21 second taking one life due to water related illnesses, diarrhea is a great contributor and is even not considered that much dangerous due to lack of awareness in developing countries and is actually the second biggest cause of children’s death of under five years globally.

More people have mobile phones than that of toilets leading to the open defecation as a common practice of 1 billion people on daily basis as leading contributor of ground water table contamination.

Developed countries are with sufficient contribution through charities for provision of safe drinking water but unfortunately they are failed to implement these concepts and practices at their own countries, biggest example is the United States where one person consumes the amount of water in a 5 minutes shower on daily basis is more than the amount of water using by an individual for a whole day living at somewhere at the slums of developing world.

Message of the day to feed water and spread awareness otherwise it must the celebration of life’s booked by water unavailability at your neighbor country.

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