5 Essential Vitamins for Women at Every Stage of Life

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It has been estimated that up to 50 percent of all American adults take some sort of multi-vitamin daily. This number is being led by health conscious women, who take the supplements to increase brainpower as they age, as well as achieve other health benefits. While the foods that you consume are still the best way to receive essential vitamins and nutrients, the proper supplement can aid in filling in the nutritional gaps in your diet. The fact is that women diet much more often than men, which means that there are likely to be substantial holes in their overall nutrition. Vitamins help to create optimum health.

The vitamins that you take will add nutrients to your diet, aiding your body’s health. Some vitamins should be taken at certain points at a woman’s life, to aid with biological changes that may be present. Speaking with a reputable Thyroid Pharmacist is a great way to find out what vitamins can help you and your ailments involving weight loss and overall health. This list outlines essential vitamins women should consider, and when adding them to your regular diet is important.

  1. Getting The Right Amount of Calcium

As women age, bone mass will decrease. Adding calcium to your diet will lower the chances you have of developing osteoporosis. A typical daily dosage is 1,000 up to 1,500 milligrams, which may vary dependent on your actual age. This requirement can be obtained simply by consuming fat-free, dairy products, consuming orange juice fortified with additional calcium as well as simply adding a calcium supplement to your diet.

  1. Your Body Needs Vitamin D

Without Vitamin D, your body is unable to use the calcium you consume. As women age, the ability their body has to convert sunlight into actual vitamin D decreases. Additionally, the use of sunscreen, which is essential for skin health, may hinder the amount of vitamin D you are able to obtain simply by being in the direct sun. In order to compensate for the loss of vitamin D, many older women should consider the addition of a multivitamin with calcium and vitamin D. One glass of whole milk provides 100 IU of essential vitamin D. If a woman is over the age of 50, she needs 400 IU daily and at 70 at least 600 IU daily.

  1. Daily Iron

For any woman who is still menstruating, ensuring adequate iron is necessary to prevent the development of anemia. Iron is present in foods such as tofu, beans, eggs, poultry and meat. When you plan iron rich means, you also need to implement a source of vitamin C, as this aids the absorption of iron. Women, who have past menopause means that they do not need as much iron, and that a supplement will be unnecessary.

  1. Folic Acid

Any woman that is pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant, need a higher dosage of folic acid than those who are not. If you have lower levels of folic acid, which is a B vitamin, it may lead to many birth defects for your baby.

  1. B Vitamins (B12 and B6) and Beta Carotene

These are no processed by the systems of older women very well. They are both essential vitamins that aid with the development of red blood and nerve cells. As you age, adding a multivitamin with these vitamins will aid achieving optimum health.Adding a beta-carotene supplement to your diet can help fight cancer and defend your entire body from cell damage.

The Vitamin 411

Most of a woman’s nutritional needs are easily obtained through a well-balanced, healthy diet. There are many women, especially those older women, who will also benefit from the addition of a quality multivitamin. It is important to find multivitamins that are stamped by the USP or DSVP, to ensure that the ingredients listed are truly what are contained within.

Adding a vitamin or supplement to your diet can help women at every stage of life achieve optimum health. It is important to consider your needs and then talk with your doctor if you are unsure what supplements should be added to your diet.

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