Health Tips: Benefits of Water

Welcome to,Todays Health tip is on water,Yes it is true definitely you do need 8 glass of water a day it is not a matter to take tension.First of all it helps to weight loss you see your rates of metabolism is fast you need to drink water to make it normal.

Second of all it eliminates bloating,so one day you wake up in the morning and you add 5 or 6 pounds and you dont know why because you retain water so in order to cancel that just drink more water.

Third of all it prevent shedding  of skin its true! some people looks for cream for refreshing their skins in order to make their skins healthy that is way more dangerous for skin well the answer is just drink water.

And lastly water suppresses your appetite so instead of garbing a chocolate bar hold it off and grab a drink of water might just do the trick

if you hate the taste of water may be you  just add a lemon to taste it up 🙂


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