Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Fill Needs for Community and Support

Deciding to do what it takes to become healthier often comes after a series of setbacks or half-hearted attempts that can leave people feeling desperate for help. Herbalife Nutrition, a company that manufactures numerous science-based nutritional supplements, understands the need for community when it comes to supporting healthier lifestyle choices. This is why the company has provided sound nutrition education for its independent distributors to share at a Herbalife Nutrition Club in their neighborhood.

What Is a Herbalife Nutrition Club?

Herbalife independent distributors first hosted a community nutrition education class in Mexico in the early 2000s. The effort grew organically as distributors heard the concerns of their clients that they did not know which online health information they could trust. Many also could not afford the cost of a full product such as a canister of Formula 1 and discovered they could obtain smaller portions at a Herbalife Nutrition Club.
Another opportunity that grew out of the first nutrition clubs was one-on-one coaching for people who needed extra support and motivation to achieve their goals. Several of the first members of the Herbalife Nutrition Club in Mexico lived in remote areas where they could not always access healthy food or gyms. Joining the club provided them with the extra resources they needed to prioritize their health.
Today, Herbalife independent distributors lead more than 70,000 nutrition clubs across the world. People come to enjoy friendships with others at all stages of their health and wellness journeys. They can also pick up new recipes, try product samples, and request coaching during the community-based meetings.

The Responsibilities and Purpose of Herbalife Independent Distributors

Herbalife independent distributors are self-employed entrepreneurs who set their own hours and sales goals. Herbalife Nutrition provides all distributors with initial and ongoing training about coaching and nutrition to enable them to serve their clients well. The company has always encouraged its independent distributors to step into the role of a health coach for their clients.
Health coaches offer practical, personalized advice that includes recommendations for specific Herbalife products. Here are just some of the topics distributors learn in their initial training:
Definition of a nutritionally balanced diet
The physical and mental benefits of making dietary changes
●How to improve sports performance through training and a nutritious diet
● Common behavioral changes people need to achieve long-term weight-loss success
Independent distributors for Herbalife Nutrition value the opportunity to develop close personal relationships with each client. They celebrate their successes with them and help to brainstorm alternative solutions for their challenges. Herbalife distributors understand that each person they work with is an individual who deserves a personalized approach to weight loss, sports performance, and overall health improvement.

Herbalife Nutrition Earns Excellence Awards in Learning and Leadership for 2021

Each year, the Brandon Hall Group awards organizations that have exemplified leadership and served clients in exceptional ways. The group chose to recognize Herbalife Nutrition this year in the following two areas:
●  Leadership Development: Best Coaching and Mentoring Program
●  Learning and Development: Best Use of a Blended Learning Program
The fact that Herbalife Nutrition received these awards speaks to its exceptional coaching training program. A team of behavioral health and nutrition science experts prepares the training programs to ensure that Herbalife clients receive top-notch support while using the company’s proven health products.

In addition to a panel of experts with multiple advanced credentials leading its distributor training, Herbalife operates four advisory boards. These include nutrition, outer nutrition, fitness, and dietetic. The people who sit on these boards are experts in their field and come from various nations across the world.

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