Laughter – It is the Best Medicine!

Such a clichéd phrase I have picked to write on. Was I bored or didn’t have time to put my thoughts into something undoubtedly helpful?
This must be an overused idiom but, knowingly or unknowingly, it has helped many, including me. And with my willful observation and experience, I truly acknowledge this unquestionable ingredient called ‘Laughter’, without any ifs and buts.

Not talking about the laughter that follows when you accidently slip fall a couple of stairs in some crowded area, where you just stand up ignoring the pain you face. Yeah making fun, involves laughter too but no person would encourage that. Another kind of laughter that chases you out of the classroom, where you and your friend just can’t help that laughter fit followed by the teacher being mad at you.

Laughter is a medicine that is available for free and no matter how deep you are in problem, laughter does make its way to you to help.

Laughing your way to health and fitness

You must have noticed increased heart-rate and activated tear ducts after vigorous laughing. More oxygen is brought into our body when we laugh and our internal organs get massaged which is termed as “Internal Jogging” by the scientists.

According to the study by University of Maryland Medical Center, in Baltimore: “Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect you against a heart attack”

Laughter improves the immune system functionality by suppressing the stress hormones and releasing feel-good hormones.

Now for the fitness-junkies who count every single calorie they munch. Laughing for 15 minutes every day will burn calories enough to make you lose 5 lbs. a year. Slow? Yeah, but this is not the only benefit you can relate to. The positive thinking, de-stressing, mental healing, remedy to a painful situation, being more proficient towards the stressful routine are the gains that you don’t wish to lose. For that reason, laugh your weight off and the bonus perks will make their way into your life making you acknowledge the thorough positivity.

Now, how this happens? No magic of course! Endorphins are released into our body, responsible to give relief and elevate the mood. You know, Endorphins are the same hormones that are released when you are excited, eat spicy food, exercise or when you make love.

Tickle away your friend’s blues

With my own personal experience and practice, here I would reveal to you my own theory that involves inducing laughter through tickling. We get encapsulated into worries as we grow old. Unaccomplished plans, accidents, losses and so many downs are inevitably integrated in our lives. And you laugh so less at times, forgetting that the situation wouldn’t change with frowning. It does nothing but worsens your problems further. At such desperate times, try to give it a laugh. I might sound crazy here but if laughter, though started off as forced or fake, can help release some depression, then no situation is there that cannot be helped through it. I am not saying cured or solved but mere help is an accomplishment when there is no light seen at the other end of the tunnel.

So, laugh for your own well-being or if your friend is upset to the extreme and disagrees to this laughter theory then tickle him or her, till the gloom grows from smile to chuckle and your friend gets lifted above the worries and sorrows to put sane thoughts into the frowned-over-situation. Therefore, tickling would surely work where the lecturing and jokes fall short.

There is much more to laughter than endorphins. Laughter is kind of contagious too; in a group if a couple of people are laughing, you would not succeed in stopping yourself from laugh even if you have no idea what the joke is about. Funny but true!

Doctors and the medical researchers are taking laughter therapy really seriously to cure the patients. They take advantage of our body’s inability to distinguish between the real and the induced laughter. Either way it is has a power to heal. For a reason Charlie Chaplin believed: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

In my next post, I shall add more on the laughter therapy. Till then, try some internal jogging and help that hushed pal too, for it will be addictive enough to push you do more.

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