Nutrition and Technology goes Hand in Hand

Just about every aspect of our everyday lives is influenced by technology. No matter where we go or what we do you can be sure that tech had a hand in it somewhere down the line. This seemingly unstoppable trend of ‘techy unification’ has accelerated over recent years – completely redefining the way in which we interact with the world and each other.

Newcomers to the ‘gadget game’ the fitness industry, is now most definitely a fully-fledged member of the tech toting club. In recent months we’ve seen an influx of nutritional and fitness related gizmos filling up both on and offline stores around the globe.

So what fitness /nutritionally – inspired goodies are currently on offer I hear you ask, well listed below are a handful of choice tech that are bound to get your blood pumping again.


A common feature of pretty much every smartphone on the market today is the humble but equally helpful app. There are literally thousands of apps in circulation, across a number of different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Among the hordes of angry birds, Instagram filters and Facebook applications are a growing number of fitness apps which claim to be the answer to all your fitness woes – but which are worth a look?

According to PC Mag’s “25 Best Fitness Apps” article they found that activity tracking app “Argus”(iOS only)was a great way of monitoring progress, managing workouts and self-motivating. Other apps that stood out on the list were:

  • Digifit iCardio (iOS and Android compatible) doesn’t beat around the bush, giving users the hard facts on their workouts. The app works in partnership with heart monitors to “track your runs, bicycle rides and other workouts.” Not necessarily the cheapest option but most definitely one of the better ones.
  • Fitocracy (Android, iOS and Web compatible) the socially inclined app, is very much one for those who enjoy a dose of “healthy” competition. The app utilises game-like stats to spur users on and increase dedication to workouts. The social aspect of the app is provided by its community-based platform which enables users to post statuses, leave comments and of course browse other user profiles. Think of it as a fitness Facebook.

In terms of purely nutritional apps Tech Radar in their online article “7 best diet apps for iPhone and Android” found MyFitnessPal to be a cut above the rest. Not only is it a great application to help users curb their calories but also doesn’t cost a penny.

Nike Wristband

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Named the ‘Fuel Band’ this nifty wristband looks to push the boundaries of wearable tech. The multi-faceted device is capable of:

  • Tracking the intensity of workouts.
  • Monitoring sleeping patterns via Nike+ Sessions.
  • Counting steps and time keeping.
  • Real – time progress display.
  • Additional extras through Nike+ Groups.

This very impressive piece of kit is but a thread in the never –ending string of wearable tech coming our way in the next few years.

Using tried and tested tech is only half of the story, sustaining a nutritional or well-balanced diet is irrevocably the other. The types of foods you choose to eat will differ depending on the kind of body you’re after. For example; a diet high in protein so that’s chicken, fish and peanuts (Nut’s n More peanut butter is really tasty!) would be ideal for people looking to lose weight or as part of a muscle building regime. By sticking to both grub and gadget, the likelihood of achieving your desired weight and body building goals are greatly increased.

With a protein bar in one hand and smartphone in the other you are most definitely ready to take on the world – go forth and prosper!

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