The Impact of Emerging Technology on Nursing

Impact Of Emerging Technology On Nursing

Nursing is a job that is constantly changing. With new medicines, patients that are always changing and one of the hardest working conditions in the world, you can’t dispute the impact that technology has on those working on nursing. There are plenty of opportunities for technology to play a part in the busy conditions of hospitals. With plenty of changes every day, changing technology can be the key to good patient care in some cases.

Anyone who has been in hospital or has had a relative in hospital knows the impact of the buttons that call a nurse to your bed side table. This has been one of the big emergences of technology throughout the years. With plenty of other pieces of technology emerging, this has still been one of the key pieces in any hospital. For anyone that doesn’t know, the pressing of a button alerts the nurse’s station to your side letting them know that you need help of some kind. This is one of the biggest changes in history, but what is the next piece of technology to make such a significant impact? Right now, we can’t specifically answer that.

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However we can look at some pieces of technology that has changed the world of nurses apart from the buzzers. One of my relatives is recently in hospital with a leg issue, what would have been a hazard putting her into bed has become a much safer situation through the use of technology. Technology has been implemented in that there is now a machine that can be hooked up to an older patient to help them in and out of bed. In what would have been a dangerous situation for some nurses to handle, it is now a lot easier to be a nurse in these kinds of situation.

The software that nurses use is also changing a large amount. The software they were using a few years ago was becoming outdated. Now, databases are being transferred to more secure and faster systems so nurses have easier access to these documents on demand. This allows them to have their patients file on hand with all the information on allergies and things of the sort if it has been put on the database. This allows them to be more efficient in their work, as they would be trained to be either or offline

One of the major ways that it has changed nursing is the practice of triage nursing and assessing the injuries of a patient and their seriousness. The access of nurses to technology such as Ultrasounds, RF lifting, EEG’s and other pieces of technology has allowed them to further assess a patient’s symptoms before they go to a doctor. Because of this, they are now able to find silent problems such as a stroke or brain disease in a patient. While this might not prove to be an exact art form in finding these symptoms, there is also the chance that they will catch something serious before it is too late because of the emerging technology and the increasing access to technology.

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Technology is constantly changing the medical profession, as we have moved from having to find a pulse with our hands with a lot of searching, to using a machine to easily find the pulse of a patient. We have gone from having to guess what the problem is to having an exact picture of what could be the problem. We have gone from having to have large men move a heavier disabled patient to being able to do this with a machine. We have come a long way with technology!

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