Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy and Free From Diseases

healthy trees

Properly taking care of your tree will keep it healthy and free from diseases. Read these tree care tips from to know to correctly maintain the health of your tree.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Tree

The first tip on our tree care list is to understand the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy tree.

Learn the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy tree so that you can treat your tree properly. Always remember that not only pests can ruin your tree; it can also be another affected by other factors too. Other problems can arise from drought, soil insufficiency, or damage from putting herbicides and/or pesticides.

For insect infestation, the insects tend to nest in the leaves. They will eat the leaves of the tree. The tree will then starve since the leaves are important for the tree for it to be able to produce food. Some insects will bring diseases that might eventually lead to the destruction of your tree.

With regards to dead tree limbs, they will crumble easily and its color will be gray. Although there could be some leaves remaining, these will be just a few and significantly smaller in size.

For leaning trees, it could mean that its roots are frail.

For having mushrooms around the tree’s base, it could be a sign that the trees are dying or perhaps dead on the inside. Be aware that you can find mushrooms mostly on decaying material. If you happen to see this, consult an arborist to know if there’s anything that’s destroyed.

Treat the Damage in Your Tree with the help of an Arborist

Consult an arborist or tree care specialist so that the tree can be properly diagnosed and treated. Don’t keep a limitation to the number of tree species you are keeping

Some people limit the species of tree in their backyard. Little do they know that it is actually beneficial to have a variety of species of trees as it can result in natural pest control. There should be a balance between plants with the pests. If one outweighs the other, it can result to some problems later. Additionally, having diversified tree species in your site can lessen any pest outbreak.

Maintain a Healthy Ecosystem

Keep your tree healthy and its surrounding ecosystem. Make sure that it is not overcrowded. If it is overcrowded with plants, they will compete for the essential nutrients and for the sunlight.

Apply Mulching

The application of mulching can help root development, and maintain the plant’s moisture. It can control the growth of weeds and promote healthy growth of the roots of the trees.

You must apply organic mulch such as leaves, plant by-products, compost, or tree bark. The result depends on the materials, climate, and the composition of the soil. You must avoid volcano mulching as it can result to deterioration and pest infestation. Also, avoid putting too much mulch.

Manage the Aphid Infestation

The aphid is a pest that is hazardous to your tree. It can drain the sap of the tree, ruin the flowers, and destroy the stems. Not only the affected tree is harmed, but also the trees and plants that surround it. It is a very contagious infestation, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

You can use several ways to control the aphids. Some techniques are: using soap and water, using insecticides, or putting natural enemies of aphids like ladybugs or you can find out more on

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