Why Traditional Greek Cuisine Is Considered One of the Healthiest in the World

Greek Cuisine

Usually Greeks are famed for their affinity to endless rejoicings, their philosophers, the Olympic games, and ancient architectural heritage, but there is one more thing that not many are familiar with – their healthy food. Greek cuisine is considered healthy for the heart. This can be proved by the researches which have shown that native rural inhabitants of Greece and Crete have long life expectancy, very low rates of obesity and ailments caused by irregular diet. Why is that so? Apparently, these people’s diet is appealing to the heart.

The main ingredients used in traditional Greek dishes have something to do with their healthy properties. Olive oil as an alternative to butter and sun seed oil is what the Greeks always use when cooking. Since it is a healthy fat, it can prevent from the risk of a heart disease by lowering the bad cholesterol. Leafy greens are the other healthy ingredients in Greek meals. They are rich in lutein, which protects the arteries from clogging. Whole grains, also part of Greek cuisine, are rich in fiber and nutrients. They help you feel satiety after consuming food and are also good for the digestive system. Legumes, which are a special sort of beans, peas or lentils, are high in fiber and not surprisingly are also present in Greek dishes. When in Greece, you can provide yourself with the necessary omega-3 fatty acids through the plenty of seafood you can indulge yourself in while being there. Vegetables and fruits are something that can be often found on a Greek table. They both help against cardiovascular diseases.

Traditional Greek Cuisine

Except for the already mentioned food products typical for Greece, there are spices like cinnamon, garlic, mustard, funnel, oregano, etc. and carbohydrate containing breads and pastas that are part of the Greek cuisine.

The famous Mediterranean diet comes from this region as well. If you don’t already know about it, maybe it’s time to educate yourself on the matter a little. This diet consists of meals with the following ingredients: fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and olive oil. What can be prepared with this selection is nutrient rich dishes and such low in saturated fats. With this type of diet you can eat healthy and thus lose weight. Believe it or not, but the Mediterranean diet can strengthen the immune system and improve your physical health. The ingredients in it are a good ally against cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Notice how red meat is not present in this diet. This is because it contains saturated fats and cholesterol, which is not good for the heart.

The overall conclusion, however, should be to consume everything but in moderation. Too much food rich in healthy fats is not recommended either. This can lead to increased caloric intake resulting in weight management and artery issues. You may want to substitute the sauces bought from the store with homemade seasoning that contains natural herbs or real lemon juice for the fish. It’s no secret that it would be good to emphasize on fruits and vegetables as an addition to meals. A great advice will probably be to focus on consuming natural products in moderation and to diversify meals.

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