You SURELY need an eye-exam!

How greatly do the colors and the glories of nature mesmerize us through all our senses mingled! We can’t even realize the emptiness that can chase us if, God forbid, we lose one of our senses. Almost all of us must have faced the annoyance when we have flu that blocks the nose resulting in the seizure of our olfactory asset; the aroma of that deliciousness that streams from the kitchen fail to thrill us then. Or if, it is the least of your valued senses then only for 15 minutes, blindfold yourself and try to do your chores. I bet, before 15 you’ll irritably pull open the mask and might be thankful for this gift of sight that, unfortunately many are deprived of.

Eyes are the most expressive and most beautiful feature having their own language free from any cultural bounds. Nobody would, consciously, let anything near that can possibly damage this attractive blinking beauty. But alas, no matter how much we think we care, we end up using the spectacles or stay lazy enough and twitch our eyes for focus and don’t make an eye appointment. Especially in Pakistan, where caring for senses is our least priority or thought of as a luxury enjoyed by those free from the fights for “ROTI, KAPRA, MAKAAN”.

Luckily, this is not true anymore. I am pleased to mention the efforts and achievements of ‘Al-Shifa Eye Trust’ that is running four hospitals in Pakistan and has treated half a million patients, among those 70% were provided free treatments. Their services are not restricted to just within the hospital premises but they have conducted outreach programs for rural population, 4,000 eye camps, 1.8 million children screened in school and 10,000 voluntary workers trained n primary eye-care. There is much more than this accomplished by Al-Shifa Trust.

Now, if the help is out there for everyone then what stops you from having an eye-exam? Are you waiting for the problem to arise or trusting the carrots that are believed to repair your sight? FASLE BELIEF! This is nothing more than a myth that carrots cure the eyes, they do benefit for they contain Vitamin A but very little amount is needed for good vision so you surely need to visit your eye doctor other than the carrot garden, to have proper help.

Another thing that we believe in is that eye-examinations are only for those who have eye-problems. FASLE! Not just for the people who are diabetic or having high blood pressure but eye examination is essential for the healthy ones too. What we usually do is wait till the problem worsens. Those blurred eyes, headaches, double-vision, focusing difficulties, dry eyes, strain etc. you totally ignore to save yourself from an eye exam.

Moreover, there could be several undiagnosed problems in your body that an eye examination can reveal. Do you know that the eye doctors can be the first detectors if you’re having diabetes or high BP?

Going to an eye-doctor can be motivating if you add to it a little fun too. If your doctor prescribes you glasses then you can enhance your personality and make a fashion statement by picking the best frame for yourself. Moreover, with the advice of your doctor, you can use contact-lenses and play with colors if you don’t want your eyes to hide under the spectacles.

Even if this does not motivate you then I am afraid I will have to tell you about ‘Glaucoma’, the leading cause of blindness. It’s an eye disease that can only be diagnosed if you get an eye exam. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve that gradually leads to blindness if left undiagnosed. Not to mention, Glaucoma is only one of the many causes that can cause visual-impairment.

Let’s cut to the chase and know that including plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet will not just help you with your eyes but overall good health to benefit from; nevertheless, you still cannot ignore to visit the eye-doctor whatsoever. I have found for you to have a detailed look at the eye related problems and cure.

On a serious note, while taking all the necessary measures for your own self and gaining awareness, be a help if you have the means and resources. It becomes your responsibility to educate people given the knowledge and experience you have achieved. So many are out there who are in need of help but don’t have the awareness. Just a word of advice from you can save many from blindness. Besides all your regular health checkups, you need to put eye examination in your priority list to save yourself from worsened problems just by regular eye exam that, if missed or taken not so serious, can bring forth unwelcomed health-troubles involving huge amount of money to get the treatment. All you need to do is pick your phone and make an appointment right now.

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