Grow Healthy Bonsai Trees With The Right Caring Tips

tips for healthy growing bonsai trees

Plants require constant care for a healthy growth. Water, sunlight, and air comprising of Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, are important for growth and survival for any plant. There are some specific nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and so on that are essential for the growth of the plants and trees. Similarly, like any other plants, Bonsai trees also need light, water, air, nutrients and the right temperature to grow. The frequency and quantity of these elements majorly depend upon the climatic conditions of the place you live, along with size and position of the plant. For instance: Bonsai trees grow much faster in warm weather and require more water and feed, whereas in the cool weather the requirement of water and light is comparatively less.

In this article, we will discuss some basic caring tips to grow a healthy Bonsai tree at home. These tips will include the guidelines about water, bonsai feed, weather conditions and temperature that are suitable for the growth of Bonsai plants.

Water Them Right

You will be surprised to know that most of the bonsai trees die because of inappropriate watering. It is very important to provide the right amount of water for better growth and long life. Bonsai trees should be kept moist and watered as per their requirements only. For instance: large leaved trees will require more water as compared to small leaved ones.

Feed As Per The Requirement

The other essential part of growing bonsai trees involves providing them with the right feed. Just like humans, plants also need nutrients and vitamins to grow which they get only through the right feed. You should be careful when feeding your bonsai tree. It should be based on the weather conditions and age of the plants. Remember, that too much of the feed can also be harmful for the plants. The basic understanding of nutrients and minerals for plants will help you understand the requirements of the plant you are nurturing.

Positioning Is Very Important

Light and air are also an important aspect for a healthy growth. Bonsai needs to be positioned in the right direction so it receives ample of sunlight and air to grow. Appropriate sunlight ensures better tendency to the branch structure to increase.

Although, the south direction provide good amount of sunlight for a longer duration in a day, but it can also damage the plant in summers due to very high temperature.  Early morning rays of the Sun from the eastern direction is not considered good for trees and can also lead to branch loss. Make sure you select the right position for your trees based on the requirement of the variety of Bonsai you have chosen.


Temperature and weather conditions play a very important role in the growth of bonsai trees. Just like bonsai feed is important to better growth of bonsai trees, the weather and climate also has a special significance for the same matter. Indoor plants require warm weather and can even get damaged with very cold temperature. On the other hand, outdoor plants may not be able to survive indoor as the surroundings are too dry for them to grow.

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