Home Owners Guide To Getting Solar Panels

solar panel system

Solar panels are able to provide a home a small portion, or even all of the electricity it requires. Solar panel installations are eligible for various tax credits and grants that bring the cost of solar installations down. You can either install them yourself, or just hire a professional installer to have the panels installed. The price of solar panels has fallen greatly in the past years, so now is a good time to invest.

Is A Solar Power System Right For You?

It should be pretty obvious that if your house is constantly in the shade, a solar power system will not be a good option for you. The best conditions for a solar powered system are a shade-free location, preferably facing the south for optimal sun exposure. You must also realize that it will take a few years for the initial cost of the system to be paid off. Just like electric cars, with solar powered systems, you pay more up front to reduce your environmental impact, but the energy costs pay off over time. If you live in a remote location, it is possible to connect your system to the electricity grid, and any excess energy you produce will actually be credited to you by the electric company.

Look At Local Laws and Ordinances Before Buying
Before you invest in solar energy for your home, you need to first check with your city’s building department ordinances regarding solar panel installation. Some cities may restrict the maximum roof load you can have, how the panels are wired, or even just completely ban the installation of the equipment on the exterior of your house. Any planned community or development will have some sort of restriction on solar panel installation, so for this reason, checking with your city’s building department should be the first step.

Where To Buy Your Solar System

There are many companies out there who sell solar powered residential systems. You should look at your monthly utility bill to find out how much power you use to determine how powerful of a system you need. Don’t forget to speak to an expert before making your final decision, as they will ultimately be able to provide you with a lot more information than your initial research.

If you are serious about solar, you must consider all of this information before buying a solar power kit for your own home.

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