Winter Green Living Tips

green living tips

As winter is all around us and snow is falling around the globe you will inevitably experience a rise in the costs of your electric bill unless you’re using a different type of heating source. Whatever the case you can do much more to save money and protect the environment while you’re at it. For the most part these are simple tips anyone can follow with ease and they will boost your home’s heat retention during the season. We begin with the following example:

1-Window insulation

Much of the heat of your home is lost due to the weak insulation of your windows – this can be easily averted by simply installing new and improved windows with double or triple layers as seen today. That can be a bit costly and you might be looking for a temporary solution since the middle of winter won’t be the best of times for home renovations of that kind. Insulation kits are sold around stores that allow you to insulate your windows with what is basically a plastic tape capable of sealing the gaps of your windows to prevent heat loss. Doing so will help your home retain said heat in a more efficient manner which in turn will drive your energy bill down as well.

2-Installing a thermostat

Having one of those installed and linked to your heating or air conditioning system will help immensely in keeping your home at an optimal temperature that is both comfortable for you and capable of keeping your expenses within reasonable limits. It is also a good idea to have some nice and comfortable throws or blankets around the house to give you the edge over the cold – this will let you keep the temperatures lower than usual thus further driving your bills down as well as you carbon footprint.

winter green living tips

3-Water heater insulation

Some water heaters are extremely good at retaining their heat for days at a time if you’re not using too much of their contents, however others are made shoddily and require some help in order to grow up into something resembling their better cousins. Insulation blankets are a way of helping the water heater retain their temperature for longer periods of time thus allowing you to lower the electric bill as well since they won’t require constant heating up. As an investment an insulation blanket is something completely affordable and not too difficult to install.

4-Grow plants around your home

Yes although this may seem fairly obvious to everyone a lot of households around the world tend to neglect the benefits of having enough plants around. It is common knowledge they recycle and help purify the air in any environment as they help remove CO2 from the air. Cleaning up the toxin will stimulate you and you’ll feel better both physically and psychologically with the greenery around you.

5-Ceiling fans

Having a ceiling an installed will help in the air circulation around a given room – warm air rises up and a ceiling fan will help push it down thus creating a more favorable environment. A ceiling fan installation is not too difficult however if you’ve never dealt with electric installations we strongly recommend for you to look up a professional to do the job for you.

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