10 Benefits of green tea

benefits of green tea

Green tea has been consumed by the Chinese from thousands of years. It has medicinal values and the Chinese have been reaping its benefits and it is about time that we also do the same. Scientific research has been conducted on the properties of green tea and it has been proven that it has a lot of health benefits. Green tea contains compounds that have anti oxidants in it and hence are very good when consumed as they prevent strokes and heart attacks from being caused. Most people have green tea to quench their thirst or as a regular beverage. It has become famous in the western culture and most people who are conscious of their weight have taken to drinking this tea.


    10 Benefits of green tea:

  1.  Induces sleep:  consuming green tea helps to sleep better at night. It  reduces stress and anxiety levels. It is good for those who suffer from hypertension and insomnia. A cup of this tea before going to bed will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Prevents cancer:  according to a research conducted at the University of Purdue it is said that consuming green tea prevents the growth of some cancer cells.
  3. Lowers cholesterol:  an adequate consumption of green tea ensures that your HDL and LDL levels remain normal and a balance is maintained between the two. Hence it plays an important role in controlling cholesterol levels.
  4. Powerful antioxidant:  green tea contains compounds that have anti oxidising properties in them , these oxidants ensure that blood clot formation does not occur. This is vital to those people who suffer from thrombosis since major strokes and heart attacks are caused by this.
  5. EGCG: It is found that green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG this compound slows down the negative impact of regular smoking as well as a diet rich in fats. Since the Japanese and Chinese consume a good considerable amount of green tea they are the only people in the world who have a lower than the average rate of heart condition as compared to the world. This compound is found only in green tea and not in the regular black tea. This is because the way it is processed is very different. One gets green tea by steaming the tea leaves and not by fermenting it. This procedure leaves the EGCG in the tea.
  6. How much is too much?  It is safe to consume more than 3 cups of green tea. You can have as much as you wish to. There are no negative impacts of this tea.
  7. Green tea and the cardiac system:  consumption of green tea in a considerable amount has show that it drastically reduces the chances of heart diseases. It may not be a permanent cure but drinking green tea does ensure that one does not fall sick very often.
  8. Metabolism :  green tea accelerates the metabolic system and thus helps in weight loss too. So those of you who are trying to shed off those unwanted kilos can switch to having green tea. It will definitely show you good results.
  9.  Diabetes:  it is said that consuming green tea can potentially lower the risk of diabetes as well.
  10.  Dementia:  according to the latest research on green tea, it has been said that green tea can prevent dementia from occurring to quite some extent.

Flavenoids: green tea contains falavenoids that are found in fruits and vegetables. These have anti carcinogenic properties in them. Each tea type has a fair quantity of flavenoids in them.

It is very important to keep in mind how to process the tea leaves while preparing green tea so that all the nutrients of the tea are not lost. Green tea is specific to some nutrients that are not found in the body naturally. Hence be careful while preparing this tea. These days most of us do not bother much about what we eat or drink. Our lives and schedules are so hectic that we hardly have time for ourselves. Drinking sodas and eating fast food may seem convenient but they cause more harm to our bodies than we can imagine. Hence try inculcating green tea into your routine and see the benefits it gives you. So next time make a smart choice between a soda and the healthy green tea.

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