Top 10 Endangered Animals List

top endangered animals

Endangered species are those species which are facing high risk of extinction or are near to extinct.

Here is list of top ten endangered animals of world.

1.Ivory Billed Wood Peeker

top endangered animals

Ivory billed wood peeker bird is unique bird. This beautiful bird is medium in size, having a long beak and attractive color. They are usually in black and white contrast which attracts the observer towards it-self. Its head is red in color. The combination of three colors, white, black and red gives it a unique and different look. When this bird is in flight, the white colors are appeared on wings with touch of black color on tips. This bird is rarest bird of the world, found in North America. Now this bird is included in list of endangered, published by International Union on Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N) animals because of illegal hunting.

2.Amur Leopard

top endangered animals

Amur leopard is one of the species of leopard. This is also known as far East leopard. Its habitat is only found in the Russian Far East and North East China. According to the International Union on Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N), fewer than forty amur leopards are remaining in world and included in list of endangered animals because of illegal hunting, deforestation and prey scarcity.

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3.Javan Rhinoceros

top endangered animals

Another animal that is included in Red list, published by International Union on Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N) is “Javan Rhinoceros”. Javen Rhinoceros is also rarest animal of the world. It is estimated that no more than fifty java Rhinoceros are present in the world. Its habitat is western Indonesia. This animal has resemblance with one horn rhinoceros. This animal has small head and small is size with rough skin.

4.Northern Sportive Lemur

top endangered animals

Another endangered animal of the world is northern sportive lemur. This animal is native of northern edge of madagascar.This little animal has large brown eyes. This animal is nocturnal and arboreal. (Jumping from tree to tree). They have pale brownish grey back.  The color of their undersides is grey. This color combination of brownish grey and brown eyes gives them a unique look. Northern sportive lemur is now endangered species because of deforestation. It is estimated that about 18 northern sportive lemur is present in this world.

5.Northern Right Whale

top endangered animals

Northern right whale is another endangered animal of the world. This animal is found in coastal area in breeding season beside this, its habitat is temperate water. The speed of swimming of this whale is very slow as compared to other whales. This whale has characteristics of systematic skull and paired blowholes.  Interesting fact about this whale doesn’t have any type of fear from boats. They easily approached them.

6.Western Low Land Gorilla

top endangered animals

Western Low Land Gorilla lives in rainy forests. They are included in list of endangered animals because only few gorillas are now remaining. These gorillas are similar to mountain gorillas. Interesting fact about this animal is that they lived in form of troop and troop is lead by old and dominant gorilla. Troop consists of many small, young and old gorillas. This six feet large animal is omnivore. Life spam is about 35 years.

7.Leatherback Sea Turtle

top endangered animals

The largest turtle that we found on this planet is leather sea turtle.  It has weight about 2,000 pounds (900) kilograms. Habitats of leatherback sea turtle are tropic and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Interesting fact about this turtle is they can stay down for up to 85 minutes.

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8.Siberian tiger

top endangered animals

Siberian tiger as the name indicates that they are belonging to tiger family but it is really shocked for you Siberian tiger are belonging to cats and famous as world largest cats. Their habitat found at Russia’s birch forest. Some are found in Korea and china. It has estimated that about 400 to 500 Siberian tigers are living in the world. This 10.57feet height-ed animal has weight of 660llbs and belonging to carnivore’s family.

9.Chinese Giant Salamander

top endangered animals

The largest animal that we found in class amphibian is Chinese giant salamander. Its length is about 1.8 meter. It place of living is cool, fast flowing streams, mountains and lakes. It’s feed on fish and crustaceans. Interesting fact about this specie is that the eggs are guarded by the male when female lay. This specie is endangered because of destruction of its habitat, food trade as well as degradation of its habitat.

10.The little Dodo Bird

top endangered animals

Little dodo bird has resemblance like pigeon but it is fatty than pigeon. It has weight about 50 pounds to 25 kilograms. The habitat of this bird is Maturities which is six hundred miles of the coast of South Africa. Dodo bird loves to eat ripe fruits and those fruits that fall down from trees to the ground.

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At the end, just I would like to say our planet earth has beautiful, unique and amazing animals. Most of the animals are now extinct and no more. It’s time to conserve and protect the beauty of land in shape of animals.

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