Top 10 Environmental Friendly Products

environmental friendly products

Environmental friendly products are those products which don’t harm the environment either in their production or in use. These products protect the environment by reducing the pollution. These type of products can be made from scratch or recycled materials.There is a misconception in people mind that eco friendly products are very expensive and to make your home eco friendly requires alot of time. These products are less toxic, cause minimum pollution, very energy efficient, safer for health, and are with highly recycled content. You can trust these cool eco products and start using them. It will make your home or office a better place to live.We have listed top 10 Environmental friendly products from a global market so here is a pictorial view of them, hope you will like these.

Best Environmental Friendly Products

Bedol Water Powered Clock

Environmental Friendly Products
Bedol water-powered clock

These types of clocks need no batteries, they just run on tap water.

Floating green lamp

Environmental Friendly Product
Floating the green lamp

This type of lamp is made from recycled cork known as float. This is a great environmental friendly product.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

These Shopping bags are of cloth or cotton are easy to use as compared to traditional plastic shopping bags. Some malls or super markets are charging heavily for using plastic shopping bags.

Bamboo Desktop Dry-Erase Board

eco friendly product
Bamboo Desktop Dry-Erase Board

This is not a traditional white board.It has a bamboo surface due to which it dry erase and saves paper.

The Green Umbrella Product

Eco Product
The green umbrella

World is full of toxic chemicals and polluting materials. This green umbrella protects you from these. You can always find protection underneath this green umbrella.

Recycled Fabric Clothes

These clothes are made from recycled and used fabrics. Recycled clothes have a particular logo on it.

Eco friendly Remote Control

Eco friendly Product
Eco-friendly Remote Control

Eco friendly remote control uses kinetic energy for working. User have to wave the remote to make it functional.

Eco friendly Rings

 Eco-friendly Rings
Eco-friendly Rings

These rings are mostly handmade and are of wood. This avoids destructive mining of metals protecting the environment.

Eco Friendly Product Moss Carpet

green products
Moss Carpet

This carpet brings the outdoor indoors by placing it under the foot.The green lawn thrives in humid environments, which makes bathroom a perfect place to grow.

Rechargeable Batteries

Normal batteries are complicated to recycle but rechargeable batteries are always good. It will cost you a bit more but in long run you are saving the environment by use of this great environmental friendly product.

The seven year pen

green products
The seven year pen

An estimated 100 million pens are trashed every day which is too much. This seven year old pen works for seven years if you write 1.7 meters a day.

Eco friendly chair

Eco friendly chair Product
Eco friendly chair

Eco friendly chair is made of organic design elements, natural wood materials and recycled products which is very eco freindly.

Hand Powered Shredder

Eco friendly Hand powered shredder
Hand powered shredder

Hand Powered Paper Shredder slices personal documents while slashing your carbon footprint. This product is very smart and efficient.

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