Top 3 Eco Friendly iPad Apps

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While using an iPad, all you need is two things with it, the most favorable apps for you and an iPad 2 case. Both can work for you well. However, if you do not find quality apps for your iPad 2, you may feel dissatisfied. 5 years back when the tablet technology form Apple was rather new, you may had to face difficulty searching for needed apps nowadays however, there are different genre of apps that you can easily search and find the ones out of them that you need. You can get work apps, entertainment apps, gaming apps, sports apps, media apps and so on.

A unique and rather fresh out of the box is the eco friendly genre of apps. Such apps are helping people think over how to save the environment well and teach children the importance of a cleaner living place. Even now, you can find good iPad 2 cases and cover varieties that are more eco friendly than stylish.


Some of the apps that are good enough in this genre are as follows:

1)    Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth:

This app is available for both the iPhones and the iPads and is meant to target the kids. The app is about tips on how to save the planet earth from pollution and environmental hazards. It talks about how to clean your surroundings, and how to plant trees with effective growth for plants. I have seen my daughter use the app as it is lined with good colored pictures and puzzles as well, and she is much more careful of her surroundings now. She has totally changed now.

maddie and matt happy earth


2)      iGrowit:

This app is all about how to grow vegetables and fruits. It maps out your location, the kind of weather you have in your area, and will then tell you which vegetables and fruits will grow best in your homeland soil. It will also tell you at what time in a month every season you can plant a vegetable or a fruit plant. The Sunday Times awarded this app with the name of one of the best apps out of the top 500 apps for the iPad.


3)      Audubon’s Guide:

This will guide you over many species of mammals, birds and fishes. This app can help you take care of the birds, and the fish you pet in your house by telling you their kinds and the kind of food will fascinate them. It also guides you on health tips for animals.

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