Founded in December 2011, Envirocivil is the growing enivronmental and civil news blog which focuses on various genres such as Climate , Health,Sustainable Development, Structure and Environment(Including All Issues) and Nature photgraphy(Coming soon)
The site thus provides users a unique experience by accumulating best of any different genres on a very single domain.
Our Focus is to provide a user with unique and quality content within single domain.

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Envirocivil Team

He is currently performing the following responsibilities at Envirocivil:

  • Founder
  • Admin
  • Senior Editor
  • SEO Expert
  • Speed Optimization Expert

Kamran Shafqat (born March 15, 1989, from Islamabad, Pakistan.) is a Computer Systems Engineer and the Founder of Envirocivil, He has a hand winning experience in Web Development, Web Designing , Graphics Designing and has a firm experience in hardware field, He worked with several organizations like ROPSTAM pvt ltd,PANACHE pvt ltd,

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He was performing the following responsibilities at Envirocivil:

  • Co-Founder
  • Chief  Editor
  • Senior Author
  • Advertisement Manager

It is said two minds are better than one, here’s the second working brain behind Envirocivil. Sami Naeem Khan (born September 4, 1990 from Wah Cantt, Pakistan) is  the Co-founder of Envirocivil and an Environmental Science Student he worked with several organizations as an intern included World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and Pakistan Council Of Research on Water Resources in NWQL (National Water Quality lab) Department  Pakistan  .

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She is currently performing the following responsibilities at envirocivil:

  • Subject Specialist
  • Senior Author
  • Editor

Anusha Sherazi (born October 20, ) is a Environmental Scientist and the main workhorse of Envirocivil from Ontario, Canada.

Anusha has a brief experience in different Organizations including Governmental and Non Governmental,And Worked as a Professional Intern at Ministry of Environment and Also Project Assistant at “Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Islamabad and Organization  like United Nations- International Labor Organization as “Information Management Associate” .

Anusha has very deep interest and focuses on  Climate change and has write many article on Climate Change.




Major Contributors

The list includes  authors who contributed dozens of articles to envirocivil:

    • Farzana Afzali  (Founding member)
    • Sami Naeem Khan  (Co-Founder,Senior Author,Editor)
    • Sidra Shahbaz khan   (Senior Author,Editor)
    • Sajid Ali  (Senior Author/Subject Specialist/Editor)
    • Bismah Pari (Senior Author/Editor)
    • Ghalia Akram (Senior Author/Editor)
    • Anusha Sherazi  (Senior Author,Subject Specialist)
    • Tahir Hussain (Senior Author/Subject Specialist)
    • Ghalia Akram (Senior Author)
    • Todd Lehman (Senior Author)
    • Shumaila Javed Bhatti  (Senior Author)
    • Baseerat Taseer  (Senior Author)
    • Rehan Khan  (Author)
    • Mohsin Jamshaid  (Author)


Minor Contributors

The list includes guest authors who occasionally contributed dozens of articles to envirocivil:

    • Raham  Ghaffar  (Author)
    • Emi khan  (Guest Author)
    • Saima Mahsud   (Guest Author)
    • Raheel Ahmad  (Guest Author)
    • Osama Bin Fayez  (Guest Author)
    • Nusrat Shaheen  (Guest Author)
    • Mohammad Zaid  (Guest Author)
    • Nouman Ashraf  (Guest Author)
    • Hamna Shakeel  (Guest Author)
    • Arati Rana”A Sub-regional Youth Advisor for Asia Pacific (UNEP-TUNZA) (Guest Author)
    • Hina Usman  (Guest Author)
    • Kaushik Sridhar  (Guest Author)
    • Usman Waheed  (Guest Author)
    • Zaka Ahmad Gondal (Guest Author)
    • Ikram Ul Haq  (Author)
    • Arfa Tahir (Guest Author)
    • Grace (Guest Author)
    • Emily Roberts (Manchester UK) (Guest Author)
    • Mark Sanchez (Guest Author)
    • Kathryn (Guest Author)
    • Jenni (Guest Author)
    • Elena Grace Flores  (Guest Author)


We warmly welcome any individual who has interest in mainstream blogging and needs guidance and supervision. You can contact us without any second thoughts if you want to contribute to envirocivil.