Avoid Road Accident for Better Public Environment

avoid road accident

Everything around us is our environment. The place where we live, water that we drink, air that we breathe, our workplace, a land where we grow food and roads where we travel, all are part of our environment. Safe and healthy environment can ensure better public health and safety. Road accidents take place daily and cause environmental disturbances. It is important to avoid road accidents for improved and better public environment. In the same way if the public environment is good it can reduce the probability of road traffic accident’s occurrence.

Road accidents mainly occur as a result of lack of driver’s concentration, drunk driving, unexpected obstructions on the road, over speeding, mobile use, untrained drivers, poorly maintained vehicle and not wearing seat belts and safety helmets.

When an accident takes place on the road it results in mild to serious injuries to one or more than one person involved. Sometimes such accidents occur that involve a number of vehicles. For example, if a car applies sudden brake on the highway it can cause more than a dozen vehicle collision with each other. Such type of accidents results in environmental instabilities. Road block, traffic jam, vehicles toxic emissions and noise pollution are factors that can harm the environment. Along with victims of accidents who sustained injuries, other people can also suffer mental stress as a result of road accidents.

Toxic emissions as a result of fuel burning are a major threat to the health of people. Noise pollution can also cause hearing loss and psychological stress. In order to maintain a better environment for the public it is necessary to reduce or avoid road accidents.

Some Safety Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

  • Keeping your mind clear and fresh while driving. Stay well aware that where you travelling and what is your purpose to travel. Do not drive if you are sick or mentally disturbed.
  • Make sure that you are wearing seat belts while driving a car, and wearing helmets if you are riding on a bike.
  • It is important to get proper training before driving on the highway or main road.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained. Do not drive if your vehicle needs repair.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Do not eat or drink during driving.
  • Do not receive phone calls and do not type messages while driving a car.
  • Try to be seen to other vehicle drivers.
  • It is important to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead you.
  • Keep full concentration on the road and avoid obstructions carefully.
  • Always use indicating lights and signals while changing lane on the road.
  • Strictly follow the traffic rules, signals and signs.

As described earlier a good public environment can reduce the chances of accidents. If one takes care of all above described safety measures on the road it is possible to reduce the number of accidents occurring daily. A safe and sound environment on the road can ensure the smooth flow of traffic without any hazard and risk of accident.

Adam William is a writer, researcher and blogger. He enjoys travelling on long routes during vacations. In her articles she used to share her experience of driving and travelling.  He writes about different causes and effects of road traffic accidents. He advises her readers about making the risk and hazard free environment.

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