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eco friendly products

The initiative for eco friendly way of life is something that attracts more and more followings each day. It is a new level of perspective over the every day life that reveals sort of non-egoistic thinking, which will let the future generations exist healthy.

The eco friendly products are gaining fans as the rumor gets from mouth to mouth, and that is that best way of popularization of the idea. Many people are skeptic about the TV commercials but once a friend has told you that something is really good, you are more likely to buy and try it.

In case you have no friends that are keen on the idea to live eco friendly life, but still you are determined to try something new, here are some suggestions that will guide you in the world of the ecological and harmful products.

The most preferred items to buy are technology and electronics. Japan as the leading country in this industry has developed and offering something that we use every day – the famous eco friendly remote control. During many years of development, research and tests, the Sony Company is the first one to bring it on the market. It uses absolute different way of controlling the TV from the well known controllers, as you have to wave it from left to right to change the level of the volume, up and down to switch the channels and in circle to turn the TV on or off.

The moss carpet is one very impressive and good looking product, which is one hundred percent eco friendly. It looks like real green plant, because it is made of real live moss, including forest, island and ball one. The material which is put in the base of the carpet is called plastazote. This can be the best and the freshest part of your bathroom as it matches every color and style. The humidity of the bathroom maintains the carpet life for very long time.

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You can even clean your shoes with eco-friendly and at the same time edible cream. It is made from a company called Greenfibes and the manufacturer claims that you can spread it on toast without any danger for your health.

You will be amazed to see a clock that works with no other power but simple clean water. It is very beautiful as well. The only detail is that the water has to be salty, because this corrodes the electrodes of the clock, which provides power to the monitor of the machine.

Furniture made of cork can look very stylish in every home. Not only it creates special feeling of coziness, it is also eco friendly, because it is made of discarded corks, taken from big factories, which use it as basic material for their production.

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