Green House Cleaning Tips For Guest Houses

We have many cleaning products around our homes and guest houses, their purpose to clean surfaces, dishes, clothes and airborne contaminants. Sometimes though we end up loosing worse things around our home or rental guest houses by working with these than actually making our environment healthier. The majority of the products used nowadays are petroleum-based and they have a dubious reputation, often serving as reasons for allergies and other health issues in the long run. A lot of these chemicals are harsh, corrosive and toxic and they use brute force to rid us of something we could have easily dealt with.

Utilize green cleaning products

Using commercial green products is a good way to get the job done, however you should be aware of other opportunities and ways to clean by using regular household products. You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean pretty much anything when mixed with warm water. They make excellent scrubbers, they are non-toxic and bio-friendly.

 Keep the air clean

Central air conditioning circulates the same air over and over, so sometimes the air inside your home can be more toxic and full of pollutants than the air outside. Open your windows once in a while to let some fresh air in so the air the system circulates will be renewed once in a while.

 Avoid antibacterial cleaners

The majority of these cleaners don’t really do a better job according to the FDA. A lot of bacteria become resistant to these chemicals overtime and they become a lot worse being treated that way, so-called “super bacteria”.

Using baking soda

You can not only use it to scrub and clean, you can also place some of it in your fridge to eliminate odors. The same thing can be done with carpets, just sprinkle some of it on the carpet, let it stay there for a few hours and simply vacuum everything. This will rid your carpet of the odors with the added bonus of not using any toxic products.

 Use natural air fresheners

You can easily do this by burning herbs like cinnamon or cloves for example or by using aromatic candles. Another way you can put some nice aroma in your home is by baking cookies, bread or by simply having flowers in your home. Growing those will improve the air quality and you’ll have a much easier time keeping your home smelling nice and fresh.

 Leave your shoes at the door

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of contaminants you bring inside your home by walking around with your shoes on. You can track all sorts of unpleasant things like pollen, animal waste, chemicals, oil and so on. Doing this will save you the trouble of cleaning up more often, thus saving yourself money on cleanup and electricity.

Using green cleaners

If you must use a cleaning company make sure you use a company which deals with these things in in eco-friendly manner. They will clean things and you won’t have to worry about chemical contaminants.

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