How Go Green Word Originates? How to Go Green?

How to Go Green Word Originates? How to Go Green?

The word green often comes into the mind while there is a broad structure behind this word green we often hear or see this word like make your area clean and green, go green, green country, how to get green, green economy, green buildings, green ideas as lot more! Do you ever where this word green comes from? Why we are listening this word again and again? Why countries start green initiative? As this word just meant to paint your area with green color? Absolutely NOT!!

Now I am going to tell you what is the basic meaning of word green in our environment, what is the purpose behind this? What are the reasons behind the word green? How we can green our area and become environmental friendly? What are the conditions for Going Green?

First of all the word green come from Old English word grene, basically green word is mostly linked with nature that includes lush green trees and plants and our surrounding environment that is mostly green. Now a question comes that from where this green concept emerges and when? People have been “going green” since the late 50’s. The push to “Go Green” became admired with positive communities in the mid and late 60s and then there became a more activist push to do so in the early-mid 70s.

Now as we know we heard this green associated with almost every prospect on life this is because world’s natural resources are going to be depleted because of in adequate and misuse by us as it has been studied that worlds 70 % of natural resources have been depleted and if this push and up surging of human population with the increase in their demands continues this will lead to the end of natural resources by the year 2050 so to sustain the natural balance and our planet natural resources this new concept of “GO GREEN” emerges this concept mainly teaches us to sustain our planet earth so that our next generation can able to survive this tough situation.

Basically Go Green is now a slogan for mostly developed countries they start thinking about the current situation as energy crisis, food crises lack of medications, improper use of resources, increasing pollution global warming as well as climate change that is the most debate able topic in this era. Countries are striving as the condition is going from worst to worst they start this initiative to sustain the planet by using different environment friendly packages and planning to develop or at least give the planet its own shape as it was been before back years.

Now this go green concept has emerged so broadly that I myself noticed many aspects of life that are now being eco-friendly and some are already taken this initiative and are having a healthy living. Green word is now associated in every field like green architectures, green buildings, green country, green economy, green technology, green parks, green resorts, green ideas, green paper, green living,  green schools, green educations and many more like these.

Just the basic concept of going green is to use the resources in such a way that we can take benefits from it, not to harm our environment, not to misuse the resources and develop a sense that every person living in this planet should know the importance of our environment, people should care about the litter, they should care about the natural places that are being for the biodiversity that is the main asset of any place, we should conserve the species from we can get benefits and improve the economy, we should teaches others how important this environment is for us.

I think this green concept has been emerged widely and somehow these concepts are being under taken and are in action and making the environment greener and a sustainable place for us so I request every reader of this article to at least start thinking about the environment individually, start actions individually and change him/her self first and then make the other things to change and come towards the sustainability and ” BELIEVE ME IF WE DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT,  I CAN CLEARLY SEE OUR PLANET WILL LOST ITS BALANCE AND WE WILL SUFFER THE ULTIMATE EFFECTS THAT ARE ADVERSLY DANGEROUS AND BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION

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