How to Do Storage the Green Way: Four Unconventional Tips

green storage tips

Living an eco friendly lifestyle means reducing waste and engaging in activities like recycling and the reuse of used objects, and one area that many people forget about when seeking earth-friendly habits is self storage. The following tips will help to make sure storage projects don’t take advantage of the planet.

Proper packing materials

While it’s common to ship items using recycled and reused materials, such as wrapping fragile items in old newspaper, this method isn’t recommended for long-term Honolulu HI self storage. Due to natural aging over time, newspaper print may end up on the surface of the item being stored. This might lead to unnecessary damage on an item that would need to be thrown out or would be wasted. Packing material from recycled sources (such as cardboard peanuts) offers much better protection.

Tape versus twine

Wrapping a package securely with a ton of tape might keep it safe, but it’s not good for the environment. When wrapping packages meant for storage, using twine or rope offers a reusable method for keeping boxes secured and closed. Unless a box might end up in the mail (where tape is required by the USPS), it’s best to utilize reusable ties. Reusable boxes (or trunks) with latches also reduce the need to use disposable tape and other wasteful packaging materials.

Environmental conditions

When choosing a unit within ExtraSpace Storage in Spring Texas, there are some design features that will offer a very earth-friendly storage experience. Considering insulated storage as a way to protect the contents being stored reduces the chance that items might be unusable or broken when they are taken out of storage. In addition, utilizing energy-saving bulbs within the storage space, like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) instead of traditional incandescent lighting is a terrific green energy option.

Recycle and reuse

Occasionally items will need to come out of storage, and it’s important that the boxes and containers used for storage aren’t just thrown away. Those items should be reused when other items are stored in the near future, or donated to a friend or relative who might need to store items. Reusing storage containers and boxes reduces the number of new boxes that must be manufactured, and also reduces storage costs.

It’s possible to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle in just about every area of a person’s life, and self-storage is a great place to engage in environmentally responsible habits. Smart, eco-friendly storage habits, place less stress on the environment and also save money.

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