Increasing rate of Carbon Dioxide: A danger to Environment

rate carbon dioxide in environment

One of the most important elements of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. This gas or chemical compound is made up of one carbon and two oxygen molecules. This element is present in atmosphere of planet earth in gaseous state. With the help of this, plants prepare their own food by the process of photosynthesis in presence of sunlight. Carbon dioxide has positive as well as negative effects on environment and planet earth. It is also included in “Green Houses Gases” But remember the increasing rate of carbon dioxide have adverse affects on environment. According to on estimation, the limit or range of carbon dioxide has reached on 397 parts per million in May 2012 which has an increasing rate of 2.00 parts per million per year. This amount of carbon dioxide is much more before industrial revolution. Before industrial revolution, the quantity of carbon dioxide in atmosphere was 280 parts per million. Now it reached at 380 parts per million. The safe limit for human being and environment of carbon dioxide is 350 parts per million. According to researchers, the main cause of these emissions of carbon dioxide that exceed the safe limit is only human beings and non eco friendly behavior. Introduction of emission of carbon dioxide into atmosphere has two ways. One way is natural activities and other way is human activities. Volcanic eruptions, natural forest fires and natural system of living organisms are natural ways. Burning of fossil fuels and emissions from industries are anthropogenic activities.

Now the question arises that plants absorb carbon dioxide as carbon dioxide is major element in preparing of food by plants. Why these are not balanced in nature? This question has clear cut answer that we didn’t have required forest area that’s need to absorb the emissions of carbon dioxide.

According to one estimation, approximately 29,000 mega tons of carbon dioxide becomes part of environment from activities of human like emission from industries. Burning of coal and petrol are the greatest source of carbon dioxide into environment because these emissions from fossil fuels have different isotopes than carbon dioxide from plants because these are buried inside the earth for long time over hundred years. The researchers can easily distinguish both emissions.

From year 1751-1900 and 1901- 2008, total emissions of carbon dioxide were 12 gaga tons and 33 gaga tons in atmosphere. In year of 2009, these emissions increase more than 37 times emissions before industrial revolution. By the year of 2010, the carbon dioxide reached on the level of 360 parts per million. The only reason behind this was cement industries and burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas. This increasing rate of carbon dioxide now plays an important role in green house effect. This higher rate of carbon dioxide has negative effects on plants as well as on forests. Deficiency of micro nutrient in plants, disturbance in metabolism rate of plants and change in quantity of flavonoids are because of this high rate of carbon dioxide.

Reducing the carbon ratio is not a Herculean task, just; we can make our activities environmental friendly that will reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide in to atmosphere. If we all get to work, we can once more make the planet “A safe planet”.

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