How to save environment?

how to save environment?

When the world is in search of someone to have them, super heroes always help in getting the job done by using their extraordinary skills and super powers. Unfortunately, stuff like this only happen in comic books, TV shows or movies. In the real world, normal people like us play that hero’s part or sometimes a villain’s part. It seems probably true when it comes to saving of our environment. With only Earth available for the best survival and progress of mankind, preservation of a healthy environment is not just a fair deal, it is imperative too. Mankind holds the power to save environment by being a hero to generate better results for everyone.

Here are some of the tips that could guide you how to save environment;

  • In order to reduce carbon emissions, avoid using a car if you have to travel at a near distance destination. You can walk or can ride a bike. It will be much better for saving of investments and environment too, and will also have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.
  • Carpool with co-workers as well as friends, it will give you a double benefit by minimizing carbon emissions as well as saving money you use on fuel or gas.
  • Avoid using an old hybrid model car replace it if possible and if your budget allows, use a bio-fuel for your car instead of using the same traditional petroleum gas. Although it will cost a bit more than a regular car but its benefits on saving environment and health of human beings will be enormous.
  • Refrain yourself from riding in the public vehicles that are older than 10 years or more. These vehicles mostly emit a large amount of carbon monoxide. And if normal people like us will refrain themselves from it the operators will be left with no option rather than retiring these vehicles.
  • Use a collection system in order to collect rain water which could be utilized to water plants, washing of cars, cleaning or many other purposes. It also saves your clean and precious water thus bringing a decrement in your water utility bill.
  • In order to utilize the brightness of sunlight and make your rooms brighter in day time with using electrical lights, install large size windows which could help you in achieving this. It will also decrease your electricity consumption amount.
  • Plant more and more trees especially in the available and open areas, it will help to save environment by making breathing more easy and enjoyable. If your yard is not large enough for a tree, use a small plant instead.
  • Reduce or even stop the use of plastic bags, for shopping purpose or for buying groceries. Use your own bag as a replacement for it. It will help a lot in reduction of landfills.
  • Instead of using air conditioners, try to use air coolers and electric fans instead. Air conditioners have Freon in their operating mechanism which a very hazardous and toxic compound for the environment.

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