How to Eat More Lutein and See Better

We are all conscious of the need to try and eat as healthily as possible in order to look after our bodies and general health. In addition to this, there are several key components that need looking after and our eye health is of particular importance for obvious reasons.

Lutein is the hidden ally for our eyesight that is found in a number of different fruits and vegetables and here is a look at why it is so important to you.

Working on a computer?

If you experience blurry or even distorted vision after a while of sitting at a computer screen then the chances are that you could do with consuming some more lutein-rich foods, according to a recently published book called save your sight!

In the study, it was found that just a few weeks after consuming more lutein-rich foods, a number of normal sighted people reported that they experienced less glare from their screen and also reported improved color vision and also sharper vision.

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The power of Lutein

The theory behind this study suggests that Lutein together with its carotenoid companion known as Zeaxanthin may have the ability to save and protect our precious eyes by acting as a natural shield or filter by helping to absorb harmful UVB light and potentially dangerous free-radical molecules. Both of which have the capacity to threaten your retinal tissue.

History of vision problems

If your family has a history of vision problems and some of you either wear glasses or get contact lenses online with no prescription then the various studies suggest that people who are susceptible to macular degeneration or other vision loss problems, could benefit from a high-lutein diet especially before they reach the latter stages of their life.

Harvard University conducted a study that demonstrated women with a lutein-high diet had a 22% reduced risk of cataracts while men could reduce their risk by 19%, but the key is to start this regime before you hit middle age in order to experience the full benefit.

Anti-cancer agent

In addition to boosting your immune system, more than 250 scientific papers published concluded that Lutein has great potential as an anti-cancer agent. People with high lutein-diets reduced their chances of developing colon cancer by 17% irrespective of their age but young people decreased their chances by double that amount.

By boosting your immune system with a healthy intake of lutein-rich foods you are generally boosting your immune system and reducing your risk of developing cancer or possibly preventing a heart attack.

Lutein-rich foods

There are numerous websites where you can get a comprehensive list of which foods are the best source of Lutein and a few vegetables that should be at the top of your shopping list include kale, spinach, Swiss chard, red peppers, parsley, celery, carrots and tomatoes.

Increasing your intake of lutein-rich fresh fruit and vegetables in order to boost your eye health and reduce your risk of cancer certainly seems like a good idea when you consider all the benefits.

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