Pakistan Should Move Towards Green Transition

Pakistan Move Towards Green Transition

Pakistan has a 3.4% forest of total land. So look where we are lacking. Forest make environment clean and act as a buffer zone for the cities, societies and towns.

So we should start a camping regarding it. Funds can be utilized in this sector with joint venture of government to allocate an area for a lease of 20-25 years so that we get enough amounts of trees and an ecosystem for all biodiversity which will be green and a positive start of a country like us.

This is the least expensive solution. What else we need, yes we need a lot of work to do in the sector of the Renewable energy. We are lacking badly in it. Wind turbines can be installed in the window of Gawadar which is famous for it.

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Solar tube wells in whole Pakistan for irrigating the agricultural land and last but not the least approve any legislation for the enforcement of the Factories and vehicles monitoring mechanism procedure or guidelines from the NA assembly like CNG kits approved last month.
All these are cheap solution for a country like Pakistan who is fighting against the Energy crisis and with such low per capita income and most of points mentioned above will have a positive impact on environment and also on economy.

This Article is written for envirocivil by the guest author of envirocivil “ZAKA AHMAD GONDAL

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