Sustainability in 2022: 5 Trends That Will Shape The Future of Our Planet

More and more world governments become aware of the severe impact of our civilization’s carbon footprint on our planet with every passing year. As a result, we have new, stricter laws. But this is not the only way to protect the plant. Non-government sector funds and launches hundreds of programs each year to help make our planet greener.

Every year brings something new. This is why it is hard to keep up with the sustainability trends. If you are environmentally aware and want to know what’s going on in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the five sustainability trends to watch for in 2022.

More companies to decarbonize

More companies will decarbonize in the years to come. Here we have one of those trends that continue year after year. This time, it is supported by governments and stock exchanges around the world. The pressure on the companies to decarbonize is real. The US and the UK are taking the lead. The US has mandatory disclosures on climate risks, and the UK with mandatory climate-related financial reporting.

It’s still not obligatory for companies to report their emissions. For instance, in Southeast Asia, it is still a recommendation. Given the amount of pressure on the companies, the trend of emission reports becoming mandatory will continue creating more work for environmental consultants. The idea is that when enough people see the emission reports, the pressure for implementing greener solutions will increase.

Increased use of cofferdams

The harmful elements that threaten animals, herbs, and humans are not only located in the air. Polluted soil can cause as much harm as polluted air. Contaminants are often found in the soil beside large mines and factories. Oil spills can also contaminate the soil. Things become really dangerous if there is a nearby body of water, such as a river or a spring.

Decontaminating the soil requires it to be removed and properly treated. If the riverbed is polluted, there is only one way to do it. Using a cofferdam can help work crews temporarily derail the river or spring and take care of the contaminants. We can expect to see increased use of cofferdams in the future.

Affordable renewable energy

One thing that stands between renewable energy and mass consumption is the big price tag. Fortunately, this is about to change, and it appears that 2022 will bring a considerable change when it comes to renewable energy prices. Given that the wind and solar plants prices are at their historical lowest, it is logical to expect to see the price going down.

The latest report tells us that the capacity of coal and gas plants will be in the shadow of the capacity of solar and wind plants by 2025. As the renewable energy capacity increases, it should become more affordable. Many countries globally have a range of subsidy programs for private and public sectors to promote renewable energy production and use.

More sustainable products across industries

We must mention sustainable products when it comes to the most noteworthy sustainability trends to watch for in 2022. People are more environmentally aware than ever, especially Gen Z. Companies are aware that their target customers know how important is their role in preserving the planet. Factors such as social and environmental efforts play a crucial role in modern customers’ purchasing decision process.

With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that we will see many new sustainable products hitting supermarkets and cloth stores. We are talking about everything ranging from sustainable grocery delivery and plant-based meat to recyclable clothes and electric vehicles. This trend will most likely continue. The chances are that sustainable products will become the primary option for modern consumers one day.

More talk and action towards cleaner air

If anything good came out of the pandemic, it was the increased awareness of how polluted our air is. Some of the most polluted skylines became crystal clear during the pandemic, bringing attention to air quality and what we can do to stop polluting it, hence the 2022 trend of improving air quality.

The organizations will continue to use sustainability management software to achieve their goals. The public sector will receive support from banks and governments to switch to hybrid and electric vehicles. There is a lot to be done towards improving air quality, and the chances are that this trend will be with us in the foreseeable future.

There are a lot of moving pieces on the board. This is great news as there is a lot of work ahead of us if we want better air, clean water, and better quality of life. The major trends to watch for in 2022 are companies becoming more green and renewable energy becoming more affordable. Don’t forget more sustainable products on the market and increased use of cofferdams.

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