Tips for hiring an Environmental Consultant

These days numerous environmental requirements are applicable to companies. And for the legal and financial consequences of environmental issues, an environmental consultant comes to your rescue.

An environmental consultant combines technical expertise, knowledge, and regulatory requirements, to conduct environmental assessments. The consultant provides an insight on various prevailing environmental concerns, health compliance and safety regulations; sustainability and energy efficiency; and so much more!

Selection Methods of the Environmental Consultant

An environmental consultant supervises environmental projects and ensures to meet out all applicable regulations.

Here we have listed few criteria you need to look for in an Environmental Consultant while hiring.

  • How many years has the consultant been in the consulting field?
  • Has the consultant worked earlier with the same type of business, you are in?
  • Does the consultant have strong and reliable references?
  • What is the consultant’s educational and personal background?
  • Environmental rules and regulations vary from county to county. Does the consultant have experience working in your county?
  • Does the consultant is associated with any professional associations?
  • Does the consultant have experience working with your types of environmental concerns?
  • How are the consultant’s communication skills?
  • What type of creditability and reputation does the consultant have in the industry?
  • What type of licenses, training, or certifications does the consultant have?
  • Is the consultant’s charges are in your budget?
  • Do you have a fair idea of what you’re paying for?
  • Is the consultant ready to provide a detailed scope of services?
  • What is the consultant’s approach towards your project?
  • Do the consultant also provides Environmental Engineering services?

Where to Find an Environmental Consultant:

When you want to hire an environmental consultant for your company, where can you find one with meeting your requirements?

  • Talk to your fellow businesses and ask for some recommendations. Also, talk about their experience of working with the consultant.
  • You can contact your trade association for some recommendations.
  • Talk to some lawyers, as some lawyers also specialize in environmental law and offer environmental consulting services.
  • Do online research.
  • Refer to Yellow Pages.

Questions to Ask an Environmental Consultant

Shortlist a few candidates based on the few criteria suggested above. Now call those consultants for a meeting and be ready with your questionnaire. Talk to the consultant and ask the basic questions.  Here we have suggested few basic questions, which you can ask an environmental consultant, before hiring.

  • What kind of experience, training, or certification does he have?
  • Can you provide few references?
  • Have you earlier worked with businesses similar to mine? How many and how long?
  • What are your contract terms?
  • How much will this project cost and is it negotiable?
  • Are you ready for a site visit to my company?
  • Do you possess professional liability insurance and does it cover pollution-related claims also?
  • How much time will it take to complete this project?
  • When will you start working on my project?
  • How many persons will work on my project?
  • What assurance will you give me for your services to ensure business compliances?

Bottom line

Environmental issues are very complex and involve many facets. Do not get fooled on the cheapest service without considering the expertise, licenses, and experience the environmental consultant has. Take note that any error made by the consultant you would be accountable for. You would be held responsible even though the consultant did the fault. So do thorough research and talk to your friends for recommendations.

Don’t rely completely on the hired consultant. assume the consultant is taking care of everything. Stay informed.

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