Panic Attacks – What you should know about it?

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A human life is filled with different types of emotional feelings and these are part and parcel of life. However, it is a huge cause of concern when this emotional behavior goes an extra mile and is not normal. Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are caused at any point of time and that too without any warning or signs of it appearing. People who face the panic attack all of a sudden are quite debilitated because of the situation. It needs to be understood that there is no time, age or place for the occurrence of panic attack and people could get it any time.

There is a greater chance for people to mistake panic attack with a heart attack. A sense of panic or sudden increase of anxiety arises in the person. Intense fear combined with an overwhelming feeling takes over the person all of a sudden without any reason. Suddenly, you may feel that you have lost control of your emotions and feels scary. Some may get the feeling when they are alone and some others when they are surrounded by people. This feeling of fear arises when a person feels cornered, threatened or isolated. So, it is quite hard to find the real cause of the outcome. A few places and situations may lead to the condition.

Most of the panic attacks last for about half an hour and not more than that but still they manage to create a huge impact on the person who experiences it. It is absolutely important that you pay attention to the panic attack situation at the earliest. Knowing the symptoms of panic attack or anxiety attack and the treatment available for the condition is absolutely important and helps you handle things better. Gaining a better understanding about panic attacks or anxiety attacks is absolutely important as the condition is evident amongst many these days.

Knowing certain symptoms associated with panic attack will help you manage the condition effectively,

  • Stomach pain and nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Losing control
  • Tremors
  • Heartbeat acceleration
  • Numbness in the fingers

Panic or anxiety attacks generally occur quite often. People who experience panic attacks at certain places or situation will try to avoid getting into again for the fear of recurrent panic attacks. The affected person will feel that he has lost control of what is happening around altogether. The thought of recurrent panic attacks will cause even more anxiety. It is important to address the issue at the earliest and root out the problem altogether.

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If the panic attack is more frequent then it is high time that you consult with a specialist in the field. Panic attacks gives rise to other problems and it will trigger suicidal intentions, depression and will also lead the person towards drugs and alcohol. The more panic attacks information you gain, the better it is. If the condition of panic or anxiety attack is left untreated, it is sure to reoccur in the near future.


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