Physicians Weight Lose: A Calculated Way to Look Healthy

Physicians Weight Lose

Our weight is determined by the number of calories that we consume every day minus calories that we burn in a day. Everything we eat contains calories, and everything that we do including sleeping, breathing and digesting food consumes calories.

A balance is needed between the calories that we consume and calories that we expend through exercise or any other physical activity. Regular exercise is essential for effective weight loss since by exercising we expend extra calories which otherwise would be stored as fat in the body thus increasing the weight.

Losing weight is not just sweating it for hours in the gymnasium, but also about what we are eating daily as meals. Many people may work out regularly and still are not able to see any results as they do not eat proper or right food. So a balanced diet is absolutely necessary to keep you fit and fine, a balanced diet can contain mix of protein and fats with optimum amount of calories defined. A people can take advice from certified dieticians to prepare balanced diet. Mid-section weight gain also known as belly fat is a medical condition which can be reduced by following a diet plan given by an expert physician. This physicians weight loss diet is the safest, quickest and easiest way to cut down belly fat and tune the waist line.

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According to many experts, one’s diet plan should close to normal diet because only then they will be able to stick to their prescribed diet. Hence it is advisable to consult a physician and prepare a diet plan accordingly. Physicians make a plan which is healthy, maintains metabolic rate, gives energy, maintains the shine and lustre of skin and hair and avoid any medical issues. Also taking an advice reduces the risk of going on wrong path, once you know the things you can plan your own diet. But initially it is better to consult a physician.

Physician assisted weight loss focus on three key principles:

1. To adopt a nutritious diet either by restricting calories and carbohydrates or by replacement of meals.

2. Motivating people to live physically active and healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise.

3. Making people determined to stick to the prescribed diet and maintain the lifestyle.

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There are various physicians’ weight loss programs and diets present which can provide good results, recently in the market there is a buzz about a plan which has been beneficial to many people suffering from obesity. The method is known as the ideal protein weight loss method, it’s a four phase diet plan which gives you an exact list of items you can have and also items you can’t have in each phase. Phase one promises 3 to 4 pounds weight loss a week.

First few days are like withdrawing sugar and alcohol intakes and you have to take a lot of supplements to nullify the effect. Gradually you start feeling clean and it changes your energy levels and your reaction towards sugar. It changes your appetite as well. This diet is termed as extreme by some physicians and they argued that single protein diet cannot be successful in weight loss and it will have certain side effects but results have shown that people who has completed 3 to 4 weeks on this diet has great effect on their body and almost 20 to 30 pounds reduction in weight was observed.

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