How to Quit Smoking?

how to quit smoking

Whenever word “smoking” touches our ear drum, an image of burn cigarette comes in our mind. Smoking is a practice in which tobacco is burned either in form of cigarette or Hubble bubble (Hooka) and smoke is inhaled or tasted. One of the common ways of smoking that we observe in our daily life is cigarette in which tobacco is wrapped in piece of paper. The other ways to smoking are pipes, cigars, bidis, vaporizers and bongs. A single piece of cigarette contains more than four thousand chemicals in it and this single piece of cigarette is major cause of lung cancer, tuberculosis, heart diseases, and chronic respiratory diseases.

It is hard for a smoker either he is teen age smoker or life time smoker to quit smoking.  But remember, your one positive step makes your life free from smoking. You will not only save your money but also your precious health because health is wealth.

Why quitting smoking is too hard?

Smoking tobacco or cigarette is not only physical addiction but also a psychological habit. Cigarette contains nicotine inside in it which provides a temporary buzz. When you stop taking nicotine inform of cigarette, the body will suffer from physical withdraw experiences and cravings. Without take of nicotine, the man feels himself under depression, stress and restless.

Another reason behind this is that many of people have habit to smoke cigarettes with his breakfast, after lunch or dinner, they think that it’s hard to quit because they feel that there is something missing.

You personal stop action plan

You can quit smoking by adopting a small self stop action plan. Here are some questions, ask yourself if you want to get rid from smoking.

Self Questions.

  1. Do you feel that it is necessary to smoke after every meal or breakfast?
  2. Do you want to make yourself a more social smoker?
  3. Is smoking a bad habit?
  4. Do you consume more than one pack of cigarette?
  5. When you are feeling yourself under stress or down, do you smoke cigarette?
  6. Are you interested in getting into a fitness program?
  7. Is your smoking link to other activities like alcohol etc

Let’s start your action plan against smoking.

Start your action plan with “Start”

S: Set a quit date

First it is necessary to set a quit date within two weeks if you want to quit smoking. Two weeks are enough to prepare and motivate you from smoking. Fix a date near to weekend so that it is easier for you to adopt change.

T: Tell your friend, family that you are quitting smoking

Another important step is to tell your friend family that you are quitting smoking so that they can support and encourage you.

A: Anticipate and plan for the challenges you will face while quitting.

Prepare yourself you will never smoke again when you quit it. Sometimes you feel that you can’t live with smoking but make you strong that you will never smoke again.

R: Remove Cigarettes and tobacco products from homes, cars etc

Another important step to quit habit of smoking is to remove all the tobacco things like cigarettes from your offices, home, cars etc. Besides this, also remove lighters, ash trays, matches etc.

T: Talk to you doctor about getting help to quit

Next important step is to share with your doctor. He/she will always help in quitting of smoking.At the end, I would like to say your health is precious. Don’t destroy it with smoking. Take care of it

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